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    My Chao Pokemon

    Buizel ;418; Espeon ;196; Mudkip ;258; Pichu ;172; Wooper ;194; Ive made these all myself... plz comment
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    GalladeMentor's Amazing Request Shop

    Hi and Welcome to my shop!! Here are the rules: #1: Only two requests per post #2: Follow the SPPF Forum Rules #3: No vulgar language...
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    When i get bored of Diamond and Pearl...i break out my Ruby!!! :D

    One day i got really bored with my diamond......... so I looked through my shelves and broke out my ruby.. now im addicted My Team: ;259;, ;268;, ;276;, ;263;, ;290;, ;293;
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    Some of my Fusions! :D

    Heres some of my fusions Trapdon and Rhypinch Chatarmander and Chartot Trapgon 2 and Porypinch 2