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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    Today I traded my friend one of the swinubs I had swarming for a Farfetch'd... Also, I evolved my Wailmer into a Wailord, caught a Crawdaunt, and caught a Seadra...
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    Which did you chose diamond or pearl

    (Red, Gold, Ruby, Diamond) (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Pearl) Most people have been getting them according to colour. Me and my brother got them according to... welll, that above. Basically, I choose the one that comes first, he the second. Also, Dialga totally owns Palkia.
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    Ho-oh vs. Lugia

    Lugia's attack stats are both average... Hydro Pump gets no stab... Ho-oh Sp. Def is huge... Sacred Fire+Scope Lens=Instant burn... Hydro Pump is inaccurate... Surf is too weak to quickly take out Ho-oh... Ho-oh wins.
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    If you could be any pokemon what would you be?

    Wurmple. I mean, It would be absolutley amazing to be the god of all pokemon, no? Also, I'd like to be Sharpedo/Crawdaunt.
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    Who Here Thinks Dark Pokemon Deserve More?

    The only Physical Water moves with any decent power are Waterfall and Aqua Tail. They need stronger Physical water moves... They definitley need better bug moves. It wouldn't hurt to give Poison some better moves too...
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    Attacks that pokemon should of learn in D/P

    Sharpedo needs more Physical Water attacks... All it has is Aqua Jet and Waterfall... Breloom needs to be able to learn spore... Shroomish can, but not Breloom...
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    Stats you would change about a Pokémon

    Bugs definitley need better base stats. I'm sick of GF treating them like the dirt on my shoe... I mean, they were the whole reason the franchise came about!
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    Your first shiney

    My first shiney R/S was a Golbat at Meteor Falls... I was stealing sun stones from Solrocks, when it randomly appears. My first D/P shiny was a Gastrodon I found whilst training my Charmeleon on Route 218. I found it on the 3rd of July, 2007, according to my game.
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    Which pokemon takes forever to catch?

    Lol. I found Feebas on the first tile I searched on on Ruby... Anyway, Beldum on D/P was a nightmare to catch.
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    pokemon types that should have advantages

    But then we would have imbalance. Ghost would be the only type used... Anyway, I'm perfectly fine with the way it currently is. IMO, they don't need to change anything...
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    Ulitmate trannier?!

    He was being sarcastic. @Aviano: Wow! did you really beat the Elite Four and Red! AMAZING! You must be the ultimate trainer!
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    Pokémon Nicknames

    I don't nickname yet, but I plan to. I'm really bad at thinking of names...
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    The god of all pokemon guy

    It's pronounced are-soos. If it was pronounced are-koos, then the japanese name would be arukeus, not aruseus. Anyway, it's a great drawing... it's definitley alot better than anything I could do...
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    Things you hate about Pokemon designs

    Anyway, with Pink being the new red, it goes something like... Pink is the New Blue. Blue is the New Red. That's why it's Diamond and Pearl, not Pearl and Diamond... Anyway, here's a Sugimori art of Porygon-Z, to help you see the similarity...
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    Things you hate about Pokemon designs

    This is from Bulbapedia: Porygon-Z appears similar to Porygon2, albeit darker in color, and most notably, with its head and body completely upside down, to go along with its status as a glitch. Its legs are attached oddly as well. The blue pattern on a Porygon2's stomach is also different; it...
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    The Greatest Legendarys!

    Rotom supposedly isn't a legendary... Kanto: Articuno Johto: Celebi Hoenn: Jirachi (I was onced obssessed with Jirachi, My friends now call me Jirachi Man...) Sinnoh: Heatran
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    What type is REALLY your fav?

    I have suddenly and randomly become interested in the bug type... ESPECIALLY Wurmple. So, yeah...
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    The worst shiny you could possibly find.

    Any Shiny Gastrodon...
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    which gastredon do you like batter

    Pink. I have a shiny one... Also, I only ever see female ones...
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    EV trained Magikarp vs. Mewtwo. ULTIMATE BATTLE!!

    liek zomg ur def gona wni coz makigpra r teh bets pokeymanz evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111oneoneeleven Seriously, Definetley post this on YouTube, I want to see it.