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    +MewHeart's Shop+ {Kenshii.}

    Yup. My name's not changed yet, but it will be. So, you will refer to me as +MewHeart+, or I will rip your head off. ^^ Rules, you gotta love 'em. <3 +Do not pester me for your request. Sometimes it takes a couple days. I have a life. Get over it. +If I say I can't do your request, I can't do...
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    *~.::Bird Pokemon Club::.~*

    Welcome! To the Bird Pokemon Club! I'm a big fan of Bird/Flying types, even though this Club isn't about Flying types. It's about Bird Pokemon, just in case you didn't know. ;P Well, we have a few rules in this Club. Read them. *~.::Rules::.~* 1.All SPPF Rules apply. No exceptions...
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    Mew and Pojo's Color Shop

    SHOP IS CLOSING DUE TO LACK OF REQUESTS!!!!! Hey. Welcome to Mew and Pojo's Color Shop. Please read the rules, and when you request, request with the right forms. CHECK OUT OUR NEW MASCOT!!!!! Credit goes to Mew12345! (Also to Pokesho.com for the sprites I used.) Rules: 1. All SPPF...