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    Platinum team building

    Hi all, i'm building a 30 strong team on Platinum(i started off with list of 494 then whittled it down to 30 before goin ahead with game), but i seem to have a huge Ice weaknes the 30 are(with levels from 38-78): ;445; ;468;Sonacolum ;242...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    @ snare: Well i'm just me really, got bit more substance than average twink, dont really have the shoulders to be a bear, or the chest to be a hunk, although i do discover a 6-pack sometimes when putting on my trainers! i like water and outside....does that make me a plant?? .. ;346; @...
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    The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

    Hey all, thought i'd enrol while i'm here, 20 in the UK God these forums thingeys just get better and better! A gay thread on a pokémon website, put bit of melted cheese with that n im happy :-D
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    What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

    2 pence It's amazing how us humans have this obsession with categorisation! It's this or it's this, otherwise i don't like it. If you bred a lion and a tiger, people would want to know is a bit lion with stripes or a tiger without. Personally i've always thought that the many different...
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    Thoughts about team

    Currently have a team of 30 on Platinum ive picked through sheer favourites, fave moves, unique characteristics or good stats, only one "legendary" which is Oaks Letter Shaymin. However there is a large weakness to Ice, i've put a few in with double resistance to Ice, but is there any other...
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    oh, i'll add you to the palpad, i'll be on wifi as watchin a few things at mo

    oh, i'll add you to the palpad, i'll be on wifi as watchin a few things at mo
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    How old are you Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fans?

    I'm 19, started late (with crystal) addicted lol