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    Lost Club V2

    Since the last thread had been locked and I'm a big fan of Lost. I've decided to make this second version. Here are the rules: All SPPf rules apply. To become a member just post here saying so*. Don't make a topic while a topic is still running. Have fun. *Please share with us your...
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    Pokémon things you've missed

    Pokémon things you've missed I'm sure there're people who've missed some things from Pokémon, like a generation, the cards, the anime, or anything you haven't seen/played/done in Pokémon. For example I, myself missed most of the second generation (The main reason I want a G/S/C remake), since...
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    Pokémon Genetic Engineering

    Pokémon Genetic Engineering I'm not talking about cloning like they did with Mewtwo, but rather similar to real life genetic engineering, for example in real life, they took the glowing genes form jellyfish, and they put them into mice. But that's in real life, now what about Pokémon? what...
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    Console PokéGames or PokéStimulators?

    Console PokéGames or PokéStimulators? For battling, which would you prefer, console PokéGames or PokéStimulators such as Shoddy? On the one hand, PokéGames are liked by most, it is the game, and some people have fun working hard on their teams, as well as the nice attack animations. On...
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    Creative new sets / EV spreads

    This's been approved by SapphireL. In this thread post new creative set / EV spreads, don't just put random stuff, you have to post the strategy behind it, and if it contains damaging moves run calculations, to see how useful this set really is against the threats. You can also name the...
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    If Smeargle can Sketch stats...

    We all know Smeargle has the signature move "Sketch", which can sketch almost every move there is, making him have a very wide movepool, but his stats are poor which limits that use. But imagin if Smeargle has another move or evolved and got an ability to sketch stats [600 base total max]...
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    Create your own berry

    Here you can post your ideas for new berrys, you don't have to say all the info, just basics are enough (Name/effect/taste). Here are some of mine: Geron Berry Taste: Spicy Firm: Super Hard Natural Gift Type: Electric Power: 60 Des: Boosts electric attacks *1.5, when the user's HP is...
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    Attacks you think pokemon shouldn't learn V.2.

    The last thread I did, died along time ago, so I'm bringing it back. The title explains it. E.g I think Machamp shouldn't get Flamethrower/Fire Blast it has nothing to do with it, I mean it's a fighting human-shaped pokemon.. Now let's listen to your thoughts.
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    Stats you would change about a Pokémon

    Stats you would change about a Pokémon Did you ever think a pokemon must have higher/lower stat(s) for some reason ? Then discuss pokemon you want stats to be changed here. For me I think Machamp should have higher Def, as well as Pidgeot having more Atk, I have others, but can't remeber...
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    Standard sets and creative ones

    In the competive community, the most common sets, are the ones that are standard, for example there's SpecsMence, ScarfCross...etc, those are all great and work fine in teams, but it's not wrong adding a twist, making a set that's only good for your team, and not others, making a set that is...
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    Old Pokemon Habits

    What old pokemon habits did you have ? For example, in the old days "R/B/Y", when I raise a team, I ALWAYS raised Grass/Water/Fire/Flying pokemon. So what are yours ?
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    Acronym Of Pokemon Names V.2

    Since the last thread died, I made a new one...have fun! I'll start [again]; Charizard: Chariming Heat Aggressive Rough Interesting Zigzagoon it can easily beat Aims to win Ranger-appeared Dragon (like) pokemon
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    Acronym Of Pokemon Names

    This thread is to make acronym for pokemon names; you take a pokemon name, then take every letter and refer it to words that suits that pokemon or atleast the makes sence in any way. I'll start with an example: Burmy;- Bug Under Rough Material Yard Not the best example but just...
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    Metal power's ultimate trading thread !

    This is my ultimate trading thread, if I'm offline then PM me, for a faster way, you can E-mail me at; salman_zayani@hotmail.com , you can add me to MSN if you want. PS: pease note that I will clone my pokemon and I accept clones. What I have to offer: Shinys; Breloom (I got it from...
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    IV check battle

    Hi guys/gals, I want someone kind, who's willing to battle me, not for real but to check my IVs (since the pokemon's level is auto set to lv 100 when selected), also the one who does this with me can check his/her IVs too..
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    I need some TMs

    I want Ice Beam x 2 / Grass Knot x 2/ Energy Ball / Sludge Bomb /Shadow Ball. My offer: Stones [thunder/fire/water], Phione, Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyle, Cranidos, Shieldon, Eevees, Cubone (male Jolly with thick club Lv4 not trained). PS: if you want something else tell me and I'll see if I...
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    Pokemon that should've had some moves

    What pokemon do you think should get on of the new moves? For example I think Metagross should've learned Stone Edge, but it can't and it can learn Rock Slide >>.
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    The Sceptile/Garchomp Fusion Contest

    ~It's Over~, so mods please close it.This was approved by Dragonfree Thank you mods from sticking this. This contest is about mixing Sceptile/Garchomp (it doesn't matter which is base), and the best sprite shall win. Ofcourse there rules and here they are: Don't SPAM/FLAME in any way...
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    Ignorant kids who like uber moves

    Not just some but all my friends who like pokemon, like uber moves, like Blast Burn Hyper Beam, Volt Tackle..etc, and they say "yea they have thier down side, but they're very powerful". Meh I'm tiered of thier ignorans. So you guys/gals know any of your friends like this? and and are you...
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    Pokemon things that has benefit you in real life

    I mean did anything in pokemon made you learn new things that apply in real life? Gor example because of pokemon I learned about new animals I didn't know before, I also learned some new word sI didn't know. So what about you ?