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    Man the sprites back in the day were terrible

    Go look at some of the RB original sprites on serebii. Check Blissey and Venusaur out.
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    Quick Question

    Um Erik and Mario blacklisted me because I trolled a while back.
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    Inevitable Crap Next Gen

    Would you guys rather there not be babys at all, personally I think they are better than nothing.
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    [MTG] G/b Elves [Type 2]

    Oh man I miss playing this game.
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    is this ad even legal?

    Yeah exactly, but it's blue and I highly doubt that it is gonna make a lawsuit.
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    Inevitable Crap Next Gen

    Babys are filler, so they are inevitable. But remember we will get some cool legends and some new evos for former crap Pokemon.
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    Favorite generation

    Yeah me too, that gen just seemed so great. (Nostalgia kicks in)
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    is this ad even legal?

    That looks nothing like Clefairy
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    Favorite generation

    What is your favorite Generation mine is the second.
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    How do I make a poll

    I have been wondering
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    A 3rd Installment Theory

    Giratina or Mespirit (remember crystal)
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    Quick Question

    If I had my IP changed, by new internet or something. And I was blacklisted, If I came out and said that it was me could I be reblacklisted.
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    Dont care as long as it is strong
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    I miss my days of Chatroom

    Well this is the life of a former troll. Do you guys think I can ever get taken off the blacklist or do I have a lifetime ban.
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    Attn Blooregard

    You keep telling me that I should have thought about the consequences before I trolled. But let's think for a second, I didn't know that the ops had the power to give me a blacklist. I was not aware that a perma ban could be issued. So please unblock my last topic because I was trying to...
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    A 3rd Installment Theory

    I don't think we can be so sure about this so here are my ideas. 1. Giratina:It's a legend that's already ingame and just all around makes sense. 2. Heatran: Dosen't seem as likely as Giratina just for some reason. 3. Darkrai: The movie with him has him as the Rayquaza of Dialga/Palkia...
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    If you had to choose a Pokemon to be in Brawl, who would it be?

    Lucario for a good top tier character and bidoof for the WTF character.
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    have any of you people heard of serebii???

    OU is common so nobody much likes it. So maybe you should try UU or in your words "crappy pokemon"
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    Phoenix Wright disscussion topic

    I noticed there wasn't much talk of this great game so I decided I would make a topic about it. :)
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    Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Discussion

    Is there any multiplayer in this game?