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    Rate my X Team?

    So, in Gen V I played in-game similar to Ash in Best Wishes, having a multitude of Pokémon and rotating them around. However, in Gen VI i decided that I would only train 6, and that no types would repeat. Also I chose everything based solely on looks, didn't know that some would turn out to...
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    How far do you think Pokémon will go?

    How far do you think Pokémon will go? It is what the title says. Ever since Gen III people have been complaining about Pokémon well not being Pokémon anymore. I personally love everything about the franchise, and would like to see it prosper for years to come. We are approaching almost 20...
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    How do you play your game?

    In the main series game, how do you go about with building your team, do you have it planned or do you just "go with the flow"? are there any quirks that you do, such as nuzlockes? Do you rotate your team around or do you play with only 6? Do you set or shift? Things like that. just curious.
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    Not sure if this is the right place, move if necessary. But, just thinking, do you think that Connoisseurs could be a foreshadowing to something in XY? Maybe a feature using Pokémon-Amie? I remember in the earlier promos they always stressed the bonds between you and your Pokémon, and don't...
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    Pokémon Best Wishes!

    Pokémon Best Wishes! Author's Note: Hello, all! So, everywhere I visit it seems that people seem to do nothing but spread hatred about the Best Wishes series of the Pokémon animé. So, I thought it could be cool if I could create my own. Technically, it isn't a fan-fic in terms of chapters, but...
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    Unfinished Unova

    Hey guys, haven't started a thread in a while, so not 100% sure this belongs here. Move, if necessary. And note, that this isn't a BW bash thread either. In my opinion, I just feel that the writers didn't finish Unova. There were some locations which could have easily led to arcs and more...
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    Hey, so to start things off Pokémon is something that I love to do. I decided that since I've never done it before, I'd enter one of the competitions, so currently I am in the March Competition. However, unexpectedly, my team is receiving one loss after another, it's quite depressing actually. I...
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    Sound Mind, Strong Heart, Solemn Soul

    "SKARRRRRR! SKARMORY!" Robin's glance quickly fixed upward to the pale blue clear sky. The armor bird Pokémon was circling the area above Robin, at an increasing pace. Robin bit his lip. Then let out a sigh of exhaustion. He looked down. Below him, there was 100 feet of terrain, and if he were...
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    Rate My Team Please, don't be too harsh

    Ok, so for the record I started playing Pokemon with Pokemon diamond, so i'm not a veteran but i'm not a complete noob. Also, to add I don't really EV train or nature train or whatever, so here's the Pokemon i trained in my Black. Samurott Lv.100 (Mystic Water) Ability: Torrent Moves- Aqua...
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    When is it going to be Tranquill's turn

    Hey guys. I was just watching the japanese anime and i thought to myself, Tranquill is really getting underused. I mean, sure she got an evolution, but then to barely get screen time. I understand that the rest of the team are staples, but can't they break a staple rule for once, for instance...
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    Chapter 1- An Old Story “Tick, tock, on the clock!” Ke$ha was playing on the radio. Jay was asleep in his room, his Dratini curled up next to him. Jay’s room was messy, an obvious reflection of his personality. Jay wore a red T-Shirt with blue jeans. He also wore a red beanie, which he always...
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    Pokemon: Red Saga

    This is my portrayal of the Generation I game, Pokemon Red. It has the game's storyline but it is also different. Chapter 1- Won't Budge "BOOM! CRASH! DING DONG!" The television was playing loudly in Tyler's room. "Blah, goo, gah," Tyler babbled along as saliva drooled down his little...
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    N.E.T.H.A.N.I.E.L. A Pokemon Story

    This story is Rated R for its content. Some chapters include foul language, sexual content, abuse, and other adult contents. If you are under eighteen, or just don’t have the guts to read a story like this, press back to go to the forum page. This is N.E.T.H.A.N.I.E.L. 10 YEARS AGO “OH...
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    Rate MY DIamond Team Please!

    DIAMOND Torterra w/ Soft Sand Lv.100 Moveset- Earthquake, Strength, Rock Smash, Leaf Storm Staraptor w/ Metronome Lv.91 Moveset- Hyper Beam, Fly, Defog, Brave Bird Ambipom Lv.90 Moveset- Double Hit, Iron Tail, Last Resort, Cut Golduck w/ Water Incense Lv.87 Moveset- Zen...
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    Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

    Note: In each chapter, at the beginning and end, will show the picture of the current team. This will not be in this current chapter. This will be in Chapter 2. The chapters will be called episodes. Rated: PG Prologue: In the world of Pokemon, there are many vast lands. There are many...
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    Cute Baby Cynda

    ;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155;;155; I am in love with Dawn's Cyndaquil. It is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeee. It knows Smokescreen, Swift, and Flame Wheel. Oh, i can't wait to...
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    Are the Writers through with Brock?

    Hey guys. just wanted your opinions on this: Do you think that the writers gave up on Brock? In all the other season's, he had gotten more screen time, more pokemon/evolutions an such. The writers just gave him a baby with a rushed evolution (Bonsly/Sudowoodo), a conniving Croagunk (which IMO...
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    What do you think the rest of Sinnoh would be like?

    OK, here are the current teams of Ash, Dawn, and Brock: ;025;;398;;388;;391;;418;;443; ;393;;427;;417;;473;;155; ;185;;453;;440; Ash For him, i think that Buizel will battle Mr. Mime and lose. Just like Gliscor, and Ash will want to leave Buizel. He thinks overnight about it, and...