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    May International Competition

    With the May International Competition to begin shortly, here you can discuss anything in regards to the competition. Once the tourney is underway, you can post how you're doing and once it's over you can post your ranking and over all how you fared against others by posting the number you got...
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    The GOTT Trade Shop

    TADA! Eclair here and welcome to The GOTT Trade Shop. :) Let's get down to business shall we? X) Please note I will update this opening post from time to time. Making it better and up to date with what's for trade, what I'm looking for and then some. So please check back often. I had to add...
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    Hello, Eclair here! I've been using serebii.net for a while now with help for my games and on various other things such as keeping up with the news for Pokémon and I didn't think I'd be making an account here. I was sent here with a mission from the GOTT and I hope to finish my mission here with...