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    Book Recommendation Thread

    This is for those of us who don't know what to read, but want to find something to read. Just ask for a book recommendation based on what you like, maybe suggest some recent good books that you have read. Have fun finding people with similar interest. I know I have problems finding people to...
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    Ambree's Events and Shinies

    Welcome to my shop! Let's get this straight: 1. I do not hack and will not accept hacked pokemon. 2. You tell me what pokemon you want, I will take CMTs 3. Please speak only in English, I do not understand most other languages. 4. Please be nice 5. I do accept clones and RNGs but...
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    Im BACK

    I know a ton of you from trading and games and clans :D I started this forum 2 years ago and had about 6 months of where I would check in maybe once every 2 months. I think Im back for a while now. Good to see everyone again and I look forward to making more friends!
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    Pokemon Dream Radar Trading

    Ive seen a lot of people trading their dream radar pokemon off and i couldnt figure out why theres not a thread for it. usual rules apply just post what u have and what u want. take all discussion to vm/pm please.
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    Hax FTW

    Yes I WANT my hax team, dont say "Hax isnt any good, dont use it" I know, everyone just hates hax so I have to make everyone mad with this team. I say, hax is part of the game so if you dont like it, dont play. Now: Jirachi @ Leftovers Trait: Serene Grace EVs: 252 HP Calm Nature (+SDef...
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    Pancakes or waffles?

    Ive seen some discussion around the forum of this. Personally I like waffles more. What does the serebii community say is better
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    Voltorb Flip

    So, theres no threads about this game. How high have you gotten? how do you play? How many coins do you have? anything you want. Just discuss. Ive gotten to lv.7 and max coins. I do have a strategy for it but that really just common sense if you read the rule of the game
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    My team

    right now I am on route 110 in emerald. Im looking for help with my current team. Baby Puppy the Electrike lv.19, soon to be level 20 -Tackle -Thunder Wave -Leer -Quick Attack Baby Ball the Azumarill lv.19, soon to be lv.20 -Tackle -Rollout -Tail Whip -Water Gun Quiet Boy the...
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    Help me!!!!!

    so im on my phone, playing with the serebii skins, and all of the sudden my skin is white and idk how to get to anything. PLEASE HELP! I WANT MY GREEN SKIN (normal) BACK!!!! i cant figure out how to turn it back. More Info: its on mobile style. I cant change the skin at all. I cant get to the...
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    DS Lite

    My ds lite freezes for some reason, Ive had 3 total and all of them do it. How Can I fix it if I can at all?
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    DS Lite

    I have a DS Lite and Ive heard people talking about getting on the internet with one, like on serebii here. How would you do that if you could do that?
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    The New Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop

    -Dragonitor (Awesome person) -LyraBirdGirl -Master2738 -Master2738 -Zelda_1224 -Emii (aka lavaburst14) -Novanhero My AR just got fixed. I can clone again. Anyone who arranged a trade with me, just ask cause Im out of school now. FCs: White: 1549 5862 6201 Black: 5157 7948 5873 NEW RULE...
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    Just a question

    No Im not new. Many of you have seen me about anywhere. I want to know if there is a way to change your gmt. Since the time changed its an hour off for me
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    I know a lot of people have this on their mind, whether you have it or your friend or family has it. My mom had a rare cancer while I was in third grade. that was when I forced her to learn every pokemon there was at the time and she got hooked. She lost use of her left are so it still effects...
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    New Year's Pokemon Resolutions!

    i want to know your new years resolutions in pokemon. my top on is to learn how to chain in DP and get some shinies myself i think that may take a month, im a slow learner. list your resolutions and how long they will take to acomplish and why you want to do it
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    Creepy night time things

    so i already am terrified that some one will break in to a house and shoot me or whatever. tonight just a few minutes ago at 1 am the doorbell got rung. i jumped and ran to my mom who was in the bathroom. the cops were called and everything. this is the third time this has happened since we...
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    Country Music

    I keep wondering if I am the only person who likes country music. Who else here listens to country music? What's your favorite song? How long have you liked Country music? Where are you from? I want to know if country music is only in one part of the world or not. I love country music. My all...
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    Webkinz Anyone?

    I know that other websites aren't talked about that much here but I want to know if there are any other Webkinz lovers. Here's where you can discuss what your favorite places and things to do. Find your friends, brag about your high scores, brag about your number of pets. Just Hang out with...
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    Arcanine Lover's Trade Shop

    Welcome to Daratinitamer's and my trade shop! Whitelist For frequent traders/ I.O.U.s I would Love If you came Here to trade with me I run on EST (That is GMT -5 right now). Now For The Rules Of My Shop: Strikes: You can get a strike for not following my rules. One...