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    Upcoming Showcases and Master Class

    Discuss all the upcoming showcases in XY anime! The ones Serena is going to face next!You can also discuss the showcases that are already passed.Also Discuss the Master Class that Serena will face up against the Kalos Queen Aria! Start by answering this Question... Do you think Serena will...
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    Two Movies That You think are/were the Best!

    Which two movies do you think you liked the most or which do you think were the best of all?Just Post here... Well for me,it was no doubt Frozen and Sofia The First: The Floating Palace.
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    Sofia The First Fan Club

    Hey all!Are you a fan of Sofia the first show?Or do u watch it? This is the place to talk about the show! I really love Sofia the first show and it's all songs!What about you? :)
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    Beyblade discussion thread!

    Hey all,this is the place where we can talk about Beyblade old series which included Tyson...kindly don't discuss the new series here :)