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    Colored lineart

    I've been working on coloring lineart and shading it again, and I've decided to start posting it on here. Any feedback is appreciated. An initial question, do you all think I should continue with shading the way I did below, or with diffused shading? S/O Meghan Pikachu lineart source...
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    If you could... would you? And why?

    The title says it all. First person gives a thing and the next person says if they would do it if they could and why, then gives the next thing. Example: Poster 1: If you could go back in time and prevent the pyramids from being built, would you? Poster 2: Yes because I don't like that...
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    Title: 493's shop of cookies! (And other pastries.)

    Welcome to... 1. Give credit. No matter where you use the artwork. 2. Please show respect to me, the other requesters and any and all of the workers. 3. Please follow the forms. 4. Please clearly state who your request is directed at if there is more than one worker. 5. Avoid asking if a...
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    493's summer sprite shop.

    READ THE RULES!!! My first shop! I really like spriting and consider myself pretty good at it too so I wanted to try out making a sprite shop. Now the rules 1. The Golden Rule: GIVE CREDIT! 2. There will be three waiting lists, one express for small jobs that are quick and easy...
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    AshXMay, from the start. Rated R just in case. (but probably PG 13) advanceshipping

    AshXMay, from the start. Rated PG 13. Advanceshipping 3rd person POV important characters: Ash Ketchum 13 May Maple 12 Birch ??? 26-9 Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of its characters. Claimer: I do own the plot and content of this story. Prologue The sun was high in...