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    Experiences With Fireworks

    I haven't seen this here and since it is close to New Years I thought I should make this thread. So have you had any weird or funny experiences with fireworks?
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    My Diamond Team

    My Team: ;395; @Mystic Water Naive Hydro Pump Surf Ice Beam Flash Cannon ;445; @Life Orb Hasty Earthquake Dragon Rush Fire Fang Swords Dance ;448; @Chople Berry Jolly Close Combat Stone Edge ExtremeSpeed Swords Dance ;466; @Magnet Adamant Earthquake Cross Chop...
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    Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia - Are You Going to Get It?

    So, are you going to get it? I'll try to get it tomorrow when it comes out.
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    What Do You Think a Real Life Pokemon Master Is?

    What do you think a Real Life Pokemon Master is? Please post your thoughts Here^ ^
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    How Many Hours Have You Played On PMD2?

    How many hours have you played? Ive played 50:52:44
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    Rate My Diamond Legendary Team

    ;249; Moves: Psycho Boost Hydro Pump Earthquake Recover ;384; Moves: Hyper Beam Draco Meteor Fly ExtremeSpeed ;250; Moves: Fire Blast Sacred Fire Fly Recover ;487; Moves: Shadow Force Aura Sphere Earth Power Dragon Claw ;386; Moves: Psycho Boost Zap Cannon...
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    Rate My Diamond Team

    ;395; Nature: Naive Item: Mystic Water Moves: Hydro Pump Surf Ice Beam Flash Cannon ;009; Nature: Rash Item:Mystic Water Moves: Double-Edge Hydro Pump Surf Protect ;466; Nature:Adamant Item: Magnet Moves: Earthquake Cross Chop ThunderPunch Fire Punch ;445; Nature...
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    Hi I'm New

    ;395;Just Wanted To Say Hi;395;
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    Shaymin (Sky Forme) or Giritina (Origin Forme)

    Shaymin (Sky Form) or Giritina (Origin Form) Which do you think is better?
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    Favorite Deoxys Form

    What's Your Favorite Deoxys Form Normal, Speed, Attack or Defend?