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    My PokéPixels

    My PokéPixels Whenever I'm bored I end up making various PokéPixel things X3 So here's what I've made over the past year or so. Please tell me if you think there's anything I need to improve on >w< I'm pretty new to making sprites from Pokemon things. Trainers - My attempt at...
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    My OC Gym Leader

    Playing Diamond I realised there wasn't a Dark type Gym Leader. I know there's couple of Elites that use Dark types but not a Gym Leader. So I made up my own >w< He has no backstory or anything since I don't have a fic to use him in. Feel free to borrow him for yours if you want though...
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    o hai thar! I'm Kraig. Kind of a new Pokéfan since the first game I bought was Diamond >w< But I've loved it for years and my game collection is growing! Contrary to my name, I'm not gay X3 I'm pansexual (or bi if you can't be bothered finding out what that means), queer as f**k, slightly...