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    Ash's Greninja vs Tobias's Darkrai

    If IKUZEfrog had to fight Tobias's Darkrai in a 1-on-1 match, who would win?
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    Do you think the writers are incompetent?

    I mean, look at this: - Ash never wins a Pokemon League (5th round in Kanto, quarter-finals in Johto, Hoenn and Unova, semifinals in Sinnoh). Even some of Ash's partners, such as May and Dawn, can't win anything - Ash doesn't evolve some of his potentially powerful Pokemon (Oshawott...
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    The Uber ladder sucks (Featuring Infernape, peaked at #64)

    The Uber ladder sucks (Featuring Infernape, peaked at #35) The uber ladder is bad. Seriously. Crobatrulez20 here, presenting his newest RMT. I managed to get into top 100 using a starter that is normally completely outclassed by Mega Blaziken, Ho-oh and Reshiram. PEAKS: (By the way...
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    (Ubers/OU) Stupid things you've seen on the ladder

    - Non Mega Scizor with SD + U-turn trying to set up on a Reshiram. - Ferrothorn with Life Orb. - Toxic Jolteon. - Foul Play Weavile. - Pidgeot. - Said Pidgeot using Heat Wave on Venusaur. - Hyper Voice + Tri Attack Togekiss. - Delphox. And that's just a few. Basically, post the things...
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    (OU) Dusknoir does NOT suck! (peaked at 1924 ACRE)

    (OU) Dusknoir does NOT suck! (peaked at 1958 ACRE) UPDATE: Improved the ACRE to 1958. So I made a team that uses an INCREDIBLY underrated Pokemon, Dusknoir. Yes, I know this sounds noobish, but Dusknoir might suck in RU, but IT DEFINITELY DOESN'T in OU. When I decided to troll with this...
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    Stupid YouTube Comments

    NOTE: I'm not 100% sure this thread goes here... There are people on YouTube that have the IQ of a sack of hammers. In this thread we're going to post the stupidest comments they have to offer! Warning: If you post a comment that contains obscene language, sex jokes, racism, and more that...
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    UbersSuck20 hates ubers. UbersSuck20 has an uber team. PROFIT! (Ubers Sand Offense)

    So I wanted to build a sand offense team in Ubers. I got 1850+ ACRE on showdown with this team, so I think it's pretty good. lol (Tyranitar) (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP / 76 Atk / 180 SDef Sassy Nature - Payback - Pursuit - Low Kick - Stealth Rock Yes, I really suck at...
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    Characters and their heights

    I found one strange thing: the characters' heights are too small. In this pic, Iris is shown with her Dragonite. In the games, Dragonite has a height of 2.2m (7'03''). I did some measures in Paint and the result: Iris's height is half of Dragonite's! Do you know any other instances like this?
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    Best/Worst opening song? (Dub)

    IMO Battle Frontier was the worst, while Diamond and Pearl (the season 10 opening) was the best. As for the japanese version I think Be an Arrow 2013 was the best, but I hate High Touch!. Don't have a favorite ending. My least favorite in the jap version is Sakura-Go Round
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    Amity Square stupid fact

    It's funny how they don't allow Eevee in the park, yet they allow Torterra and Infernape. While I'm not a big fan of Eevee, I think he should have been allowed in the park. Do you agree? Same goes for Pokemon like Teddiursa and Magmortar Dratini.
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    OU Sand Team

    For some reason, posting images doesn't work... lol (Tyranitar) (M) @ Choice Band Trait: Sand Stream EVs: 180 HP / 252 Atk / 76 Spd Adamant Nature - Stone Edge - Crunch - Pursuit - Superpower I'm using Band Tyranitar for pure power. 76 EVs are invested into Speed so that Tyranitar outspeeds...
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    Most pointless items?

    IMO the most pointless items are: 1. Ring Target. What. the. hell. was. GameFreak. smoking. 2. BrightPowder (10% evasion is not enough for me.) 3. Binding Band (Nobody really uses trapping moves bar Heatran, who's better off using Leftovers) 4. Some useless Berries(Razz, Nanab, etc.)
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    The stupidity of the AI

    In SoulSilver, I managed to beat Lt. Surge with my Feraligatr, but that was because he decided to spam Double Team with each one of its Pokemon, only one of his Electrode managing to hit Feraligatr with a Shock Wave. When he sent out Electabuzz, he decided to just go for Light Screen instead of...
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    Ugliest Pokemon ever V2: Ugliest legendary?

    In my opinion it's definitely Genesect, because it looks like a transformer on drugs(not to mention it's uber). What about yours?
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    Annoying strategies

    While right now I can't think of any annoying Pokemon to fight against in-game(Bar Whitney's Miltank and Juan's Kingdra), here is what I ran into yesterday in Ubers: Smeargle @ Focus Sash, LEVEL 1 Moves: Spore Liepard @ Leftovers Trait: Prankster Moves: Substitute, Nasty Plot, Assist...
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    Best and worst Pokemon cries?

    I really, really like Tyranitar's cry. As for least favorite, definitely Dialga's. It sounds like a dying horse or even worse, a kid getting murdered. I also dislike Jynx's cry(it's just disturbing and way too long) and I don't understand why did they use the same cry for both Rhyhorn and...
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    What's your favorite style of play?

    When playing on Showdown/PO, what's your favorite style of play? Balanced, hyperoffensive, stall or Baton Pass?
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    Rate my Platinum team

    Here is the team I used to beat the E4 for the second time: Roserade @ Big Root (which does absolutely nothing) Level 67 Ability: Poison Point - Sunny Day - Sludge Bomb - Shadow Ball - Energy Ball Medicham @ Mind Plate (screw the Power Bracer) Level 68 Ability: Pure Power - Substitute - Hi...
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    Stupid Pokemon names

    I absolutely hate the name "Regigigas". Not only I despise the Pokemon itself, but this name is terrible, it makes me think of a giant robot from a bad movie! I also don't like the names Throh, Sawk (THROH MY SAWK!), Conkeldurr, Tornadus and Thundurus(Landorus is okay.) Now it's your turn.
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    What if Smogon made the Pokemon anime?

    The Pokemon anime is going downhill. But what if Ash had a team based on Smogon's competitive sets? (No legendaries of course.)