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    New Style

    I gota new style of shading all (not so pencil-y..), and improved my drawing skills a bit more since I last made a thread. To start us off, eevee! http://dragonfriendamber.deviantart.com/art/Eevee-136198512 Lugia- http://dragonfriendamber.deviantart.com/art/Shadow-Lugia-136316665...
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    Hey everybody. Just more random pokemon sketches. Some are copied from trading cards, some are sugimori pics, and some might be some total random pose. YOU NEVER KNOW C&C is highly appreciated Cresselia- http://dragonfriendamber.deviantart.com/art/Cresselia-125038387 Quilava-...
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    First Pixel-over (& more to come)

    Hey everybody. Pixel overs seemed like a fun thing to do, so i tried some. simple as that. Here's my first ones tcg-- (sorry people, accidently deleted the tcg scan bit next to it and couldnt refind >_<) Sugimori-- Other pokemon pictures--- also, huge credit to...
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    Pokemon Sketches

    Hey everybody, im new here. I like to draw, & pokemon seemed like a pretty fun thing to try. Enjoy my art! Ideas for more would be appreciated, coz since theres so many pokemon i never know which to draw >_<