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    tinfoil's Fakemon

    Hey people! I've been drawing some fakemon for no real reason. Here they are: These two are both fire types. I don't have names for them at the moment, but if anyone has ideas for them, I'd greatly appreciate them. This one's Estasma (Spanish for Ghost and Statue) (Fantasma and Estatua)...
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    Feebas Shop

    ;349; Feebas Farm;349; I am breeding Feebas to trade. Send Me a Private Message with your Trainer Name, Friend Code, and an offer after you post here. Also add the state you live in so we can set up trading times. For reference, I live in California. Here's my info, Name: tinfoil Friend Code...
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    My First Scratch! w00t!

    My First fake! w00t! I call him tikan. He is mostly scratch. I borrowed parts of jumpluff and sunflora. Now some backstory. Tikan are the sole inhabatants af the island of Spitlana. I'll make a shiny soon. My photobucket account. http://photobucket.com/albums/e131/tinfoil5/
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    my first sprite ever

    Here just a few simple mixes please give constuctive critisisim ::Mixes:: zunich torchisaur chimeform