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  1. J

    Joepotatoe's S/F Potato Farm

    Joepotatoe's Potato Farm! HUGE thanks to Eeveelover824 for the awesome banner. Da rulez: ( READ OR ELSE ) 1.- ALL sppf rules apply, you should know this. 2.- No hacks, I try to keep my shop clean, this you should know as well. I will not trade you hacks, but if it ever happens you're...
  2. J

    V for Vendetta: A UU revenge killing team

    I've wanted to try this for a long long time, and doing it in OU would be kinda boring, so I decided on UU. Also, this team has absoutely nothing to do with the movie, the name just fit the theme and sounded cool, and why do you even name teams if it isn't so that they look cooler...
  3. J

    Potato Master Race Ou team of bulky stuff

    This team didn't have much thinking behind it, I just sorta went With what I felt would work and... it did, So I'm posting it here to seee if it can get any better. Landorus-T @ Choice scarf Ability: levitate EVs:252 atk 252 speed 4 sp def Nature: adamant - U.turn - Earthquake - stone edge -...