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    White 2 Team

    Well here's my team so far... I need help deciding what to get as the final member and their future moves. I am about to take on Clay's gym. Sevine lv. 29 Adamant Nature (56 Atk, 44 Sp Atk Hold item: Miracle Seed/Big Root Leaf Tornado Slam Mega Drain Leech Seed Magnemite lv. 29 Bold...
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    The Crystal Tales [PROLOGUE/PREVIEW]

    Well this is the prologue I just wrote for my newest fic I just started writing. I will probably write a few chapters and maybe get a beta before I start to post it. I might make a prequal to this fic once it's done. ;249; The Crystal Tales ;250; ;243; ;245; ;244; Prologue: There were...
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    Gundam 00

    The dub just premiered on the Sci-Fi channel with the first two episodes, replacing Gurren Laggan. I'd already watched the first episode subbed back when it came out then, so I knew this was going to be awesome. They gave all the characters perfect voices (as always with the gundam dubs)...
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    Something I /just/ realized.

    My dog has the same name as Harley from the anime... (Though he's really named afted the motorcycles, not him) Is this bad? So, anyone have pet's that got their name from pokemon? (on accident or on purpose.)
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    This game is going to be awesome, I can't believe there isn't a topic for it yet already. Here's a link to the main site, and the news site: http://littlebigplanet.com/en_US/ http://littlebigplanet.us.playstation.com/default.aspx
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    The Rocket (Prologue)

    I am so going to finish this one... This fic will be about Giovanni and Team Rocket's rise to power. It will start off in Giovanni's youth, where Team Rocket is currently is a mafia-like family, ruled by Giovanni's mom still of course. But here in this time, Teams Galactic, Magma, Aqua...
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    Can anyone tell me what was the first episode Nando appeared in..? I know he was in something before "the secret sphere of influence" because I remember him having a Budew, and it's a Roseila in that episode. Also... there isn't a bio for him or Kenny on the site.
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    The Kanto Wars

    Welcome to my newest fic. This will be a journey fic, though as you may have guessed from the title... badges and ribbons aren't the only things our heroes will have to worry about. There will be a total of five heroes in this fan fiction, though I'll probably only totally focus on three of...
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    Brandon's Tropical Journey (PG)

    Brandon’s Tropical Journey Chapter One: Forming the Team A white haired, green eyed teen wearing a black and orange t-shirt with matching pants and shoes stepped onto the Beach of Tangelo Island. He recalled his Corphish that he had ridden there on, and looked around. On his shoulder was...
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    The Journey of the Elite

    This is my first pokemon fan fiction. Actualy it's the first fan fiction i've actualy written down... I know the name stinks but... yeah. I'll change it when I have a better name. My fic will be rated PG-13... and here we go. The Journey of the Elite Chapter One: The Mystery of Island...
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    Pokemon Contests in Kanto

    Where were the pokemon contests in Kanto?