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    Heart Of Crystal!

    Welcome, one and all, to Heart of Crystal, a fictionalized version of a nuzlocke challenge of Pokemon: Crystal. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of the nuzlocke challenge, they are quite simple. 1. You may only catch the first pokemon you encounter in a route or area. 2. If a pokemon faints...
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    Your Choice!

    Hey there guys! Just a simple thing, I want you to choose a region for my fanfic to be set in! It will help a lot, thanks! Choices: Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Make up region?
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    The Ultimate Quiz!

    HELLO ONE AND ALL. This is a new game. Well, duh... But anywho, in this game their is 4 contestants each battling it out to get to the final and win an amount of money. How much money? I hear you ask. Well its all up to what they earn in the previous rounds! So here is a bit of a...
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    Favourite and Least Favourite pokemon.

    Exactly same as my thread in the gen 1 area. Title says it all. All you say is your top 5 pokemon of the R/S/E games and your worst 5! So what were your favourite pokemon?
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    Favourite and least favourite pokemon of the 1st Gen?!

    Title says it all. All you say is your top 5 pokemon of the 1st gem and your worst 5! So what were your favourite pokemon?
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    Growlithe Or Vulpix?

    ;058; VS ;037; Perosnally for me I like Growlithe as I really like arcanine!
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    Zangoose Or Seviper!

    Well title says it all, Zangoose was ruby only. Seviper was Sapphire only. (Or the other way round? XD) But the real question is who do you like more?
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    Hey guys TSB here! So, I really want to start writing fanfics. But ive one problem. Im on my phone and wont have access to a computer for a few month. Yet I would still like to write/type but I probably wont be able to reach the two page thing. So what should I do? :-( TSB out.
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    Rate The Username Above You.

    Title says it all. You just rate your own personal opinion on the persons username above! All sppf rules apply! So lets begin!
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    Review This YouTube Video, Then Post Another!

    Hey there! This is a lot like the Review a song thread but with videos from the lovely site of YouTube! So one person posts a video, and the NP reviews it, giving it a score out of ten and post there own video! All sppf rules apply. FYI it doesnt need to be a VIRAL video. Also, refrain...
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    An Official Riddles Thread!

    Has anyone got any riddles that you want other people to answer? If so then post them here! Il start with this one!: What Walks on 4 in the morning, 2in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening?! GOOD LUCK!
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    Hey Serebii!!!!

    So im new here. I really dont know what to say. I can gladly answer any questions you would like to know about me! Ie: Why I like pokemon etc. Thanks guys and girls! Seeya later ~TSB~