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    How do YOU counter Garchomp... (Discussion and BRAINSTORM!)

    you are all idiots, garchomp is easily defeated with sashcario, first dragon pulse then vacuum wave. even a scarfmie ( i just made this up, choice scarf starmie) with ice beam pawns it with the greatest of ease
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    Countering Skarmbliss: A pet peeve

    Lucario will dent any wall, even skarmbliss. u just need CCombat and ASphere
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    What was the toghest battle you fought?

    my friend who has a 31 all iv Empoleon, coz 5 of his hydro pump hitted me by luck. the empoleon aint hacked. it came to him when we traded starter eggs
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    How do YOU counter Garchomp... (Discussion and BRAINSTORM!)

    Weavile@Focus Sash Ice Punch Ice Shard any other moves any move preferred Lucario@Focus Sash Vacuum Wave Dragon Pulse any any
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    The best thing that happened to you on D/P

    the best thing that happened to me was when i checkd my salamences ev and they are hp 25 atk 31 def 24 satk 30 sdef 22 spd 30
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    Dawn really a Coordinator?

    well all things suck at the start. just like a level one turtwig. with enough training she'll be awesome
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    Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth

    me too. i have a question. do you like being meowth for an episode and why or why not?
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    Official Help Thread (Upgraded - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    you all are wasting your money. 6 evs are extremely easy to come by
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    Official Family Thread

    may be ash's father is a tower tycoon. like the ones in the game.and ash is yet to know him. and maybe scott is ho-oh coz since scott came. ho-oh never reapeared
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    it bogles my mind to think about pokeaffection. it metagross. but it wud be interesting
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    i think charzard coz it has a wide movepool

    i think charzard coz it has a wide movepool
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    How do you cook a torchic

    slash it to heaven. season it with spelon berries to add a touch of spicyness. then watch your friends learn flamethrower and sludgebomb as they eat it and learn that its a torchic
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    what pokemon do you hate to battle the most?

    i hate wobbufets so i always keep taunting them to make them go away forever. Gotta taunt them all wobuffets
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    The dumbest thing you did when you were new to pokemon

    i killed moltres thinking that its ashes will be a egg. so i killed it saved then came back after 30 min then i said nooooooooooooooo
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    Pokemon Nicknames

    i feel my gardevoirs aura. aha your now an aurevoir
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    How do you cook a torchic

    maybe they dittofy their pokemon and eat the hatchlings. oh yah about the torchic cooking how bout use fire blast on thyself and simmer him mudkip. did that sound right?
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    hating the 4th gen evos less... and less...

    all 4thgen evos look alot like their predecessor, i dont get why u all hate them. get them garchomp
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    Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

    did you know that a diglett has feet. it said so in pokemon mystery dungeon
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    Stupid things you thought about Pokémon.

    i thought seadra evolves with kings rock
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    The best thing that happened to you on D/P

    i accidentally quicked ball the mesprit instead of masterball and the planets aligned to make her stay in it