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  1. G50

    BWS2-20: League Part 2 [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/29]

    Confirmed airdate - November 29, 2012. 熱闘! ライバルバトルを勝ちぬけ! BWS2-20: Fierce Fighting! Win Out in the Rival Battle! Comic: http://i48.*******.com/2akh9i.jpg http://i49.*******.com/lzmrk.jpg Translation: Narration: The Unova League Higaki Tournament has finally begun! Ash's opponent is Trip! Trip...
  2. G50

    BWS2-18 Virgil & Team Eevee [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/19]

    BWS2-18: Team Eevee, Depart! The Pokémon Rescue Team!! Airdate: November 15, 2012 Scans: 1) http://i45.*******.com/2yjr62w.jpg 2) http://i48.*******.com/6hqed0.jpg 3) http://i49.*******.com/347ede1.png Translation: 1) The Pokémon Rescue Team has a huge role! What is the Pokémon Rescue Team Ash...
  3. G50

    BWS2-19 Unova League Begins [FIRST POST UPDATED 11/8]

    BWS2-19: The Isshu League Higaki Tournament Gets Underway! Airdate: November 22, 2012. Scans: 1) http://i45.*******.com/2yjr62w.jpg 2) http://i45.*******.com/2wpp5ih.jpg Translation: 1) Aim to win the Unova League! Introduction of the participants you should pay attention to! 2) The Unova...
  4. G50

    BWS2-17 Iris VS Drayden [FIRST POST UPDATED 10/19]

    This is a bit confusing... I'm not sure how many new we've got here. BWS2-17: Opelucid Gym! Iris VS Drayden!! Airdate: November 8, 2012 Scans: Newest scan (10/23) - Summary - Ash and co. are heading towards Souryuu City. Iris plans to battle the Gym Leader Shaga. However, she is still not...
  5. G50

    BWS2-10: Seigaiha Gym Battle! Mantine VS Samurott [FIRST POST 8/28]

    http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r52/Digigirl10/wwwdotuporg3331738.jpg BWS2-10: Seigaiha Gym Battle! Mantine VS Samurott! Airdate: September 13th Scans: http://i46.*******.com/2ibm0q1.png http://i47.*******.com/dmwg1k.png (lower part) Summary: In order to watch Kotetsu's Gym Battle at the...
  6. G50

    BWS2-11: Uproar at the Pokémon Nursery School! Rufflet & Vullaby! [FIRST POST!]

    BWS2-11: Uproar at the Pokémon Nursery School! Rufflet & Vullaby! [FIRST POST!] http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r52/Digigirl10/wwwdotuporg3331738.jpg http://i46.*******.com/aumoh.png http://i49.*******.com/2w4xovo.jpg BWS2-12: Uproar at the Pokémon Nursery School! Rufflet & Vullaby...
  7. G50

    BWS2-08 Ash, Iris & Trip's Final Battle [FIRST POST UPDATED 08/01!]

    BWS2-08: Ash, Iris & Trip! The Final Battle!! Airdate: August 30, 2012 Scans 1: http://i47.*******.com/k27x1.jpg http://i46.*******.com/71hi7s.jpg Translation 1: Narration: It's the semifinals of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup! It's finally time for Ash and Iris to battle! Ash...
  8. G50

    Master Chef Season 3 US

    With the Master Chef show more than halfway through, I think there should be a discussion on everyone's thoughts about it so far. I like Frank, Christine, and Felix this season. Unfortunately the two I don't like (Becky and Monti) look like they may be the final two.
  9. G50

    New Pokemon Special - Pokemon~Search for the Rinka Berries!~

    http://www.ciao.shogakukan.co.jp/jigou/ https://twitter.com/karubiimunomono/statuses/213286087806812160 Reveals that there is a new Pokemon special coming out called "Pokemon~Search for the Rinka Berries!~" ---------...
  10. G50

    Internet Explorer acting up

    Every time I right click and select "Properties", Internet Explorer keeps freezing on me, and restarts itself. What could be causing this?
  11. G50

    Lost Audio Output Device

    When I was trying to upgrade Windows; my computer crashed while trying to upgrade and install, it failed. I lost complete Audio Output, and the Audio says that the device doesn't exist. I don't know what's going on that caused this and how to fix it.
  12. G50

    BW78: Fierce fighting at Twist Mountain! Abagoura's Miracle!! (Part 2)

    http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg638/adyniz_bmgf/BW076.png Thanks goes to Adyniz
  13. G50

    Pokemon Black and White Dark EXplorers

    As some may already have found out, or read about; There is a new Trading Card Game expansion pack coming out called Pokemon Black and White Dark Explorers. http://www.pocketmonsters.net/articles/1295/ http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/bw_series/bw5/
  14. G50

    My Rap Song

    A while back, I wrote this short rap song. I have copyrighted it, and it is also published. ------------------------------------------------- "Gonna Rock the Town (and Knock Em Down)" (ASCAP) Yo listen up I'm gonna knock you down Cause I'm going to rock all over the Town...
  15. G50

    The Worst Cooks in America

    With the new season already started, it would be a good time to begin a discussion about this show. This is one of my favorite shows on Food Network. It's great seeing horrible chefs go from horrible cooks to being able to cook for critics. Bobby Flay so far in the 1st episode really fits...
  16. G50

    Permenently Disabled Adults.

    1) Should parents have the right to force a permenently disabled Adult who cannot fend for themselves to leave the home? (live on their own) There are many families who do this to their Son/Daughter. If a disabled Adult is mentally nor medically able to live on their own, they could run...
  17. G50


    Touch is a new tv show that premieres tomorrow night. It is about an Autistic boy who cannot speak, yet has a very special ability. He can find patterns in numbers, etc. to predict the future. He also uses this ability to communicate to his father. I'm personally looking forward to watching...
  18. G50

    The World of Guardians (PG-13)

    The World of Guardians That Becomes Its Own Pokemon World (PG-13) The Prologue - Oostabelinia is an unknown world with a mysterious secret. Six animals called Guardians roam this beautiful land and oversee the animals living in each town. At the time of this story's beginning, these...
  19. G50

    X-Factor 1st season

    X-Factor US 1st season Now that the 1st season is completed, any thoughts on the 1st season as a whole?
  20. G50

    Tragic End to a beloved School

    This past week during the Thanksgiving Holliday, a deal between Bally Total Fitness and LA Fitness was being finalized. Unfortunately, TMA (Total Martial Arts), which was owned by Bally's had been kept in the dark this whole time during negotiations. Masters just found out on Tuesday/Wednesday...