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    iPod Nano question

    Ok so i got an iPod Nano like 2 weeks ago now and got a few songs on it. but I wondered, how do you delete and rename songs there? Some songs has wrong names and stuff and I want to change them. And there are some songs I have 2 of.
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    Favorite Metroid character?

    I just feel like a metroid fan today... And nothing like this on the frontpage so I guess I cant ask Who is your favorite character from the Metroid franchise (Zerosuit samus = Samus BTW) My favorite character is probarly Rundas. Loved him in metroid prime 3. (and I just cant defeat him in...
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    The "black hole" machine

    DOOM! I dont know if there where a thread about this before, but if it is, please close this... Ok simply, theres a bunch of scientists that has made this machine that will help them study black holes. and-or maybe create one, atleast thats what they hope of, The sad fact about it is that...
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    The Fighting Pokémon club

    I was thinking a few weeks ago of making a ground/ rock pokemon club. But then i started thinking some more, and came up with that im a big fan of the fighting pokémon, hopefully others are too. So im making the Fighting Pokémon Club. Are you a big fan of the fighting pokémon? Or just looove 1...
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    Please i need help

    Im so sorry if this is wrong/ not allowed to make or is in wrong section. but i just need help ok. i started making a new firered game a while ago. and i am thinking to do the first ever EV training. but ill start in the small so i need help with EV training a mankey/ Primape. what...
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    master rank pokémon contest?

    master rank pokémon contest? anybody actually made this? anybody actually cared of making it? i havent myself, but i think the contest era is a little underrated... or perhaps overrated. im currently trying to get a pokémon to become a master ranked pokemon, just have to start from scratch...
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    Super smash bros™ Brawl club Remade!

    Hi guys! As the owner of the last club became Permabanned im gonna make the remake of this club. and im gonna make it from scratch! Even though i do not have the game yet (because of living in europe) i have followed all of the updated on smashbros.com, i have waited for the game in over 1 1/2...
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    My first fusions!

    Welcome to the almighty Dragodynamite's first fusions. myself gotta say im pretty proud of these, but please be honest :p And lets se if you can find who is merged with who? :p
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    Rate my pearl team...

    Ok i have comed like uhm, 5th gym in my pearl game, and i have 4 pokemons, i dont know who im gonna pick as the last 2. so ill just give the list of who i have and hope you so called "experts" (better then me x,x) could help me. Lv 40 Empoleon;395; attacks: Bubblebeam, Metal claw, Peck, Surf...
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    Location pokemon

    Is there any special location in the real world that makes you think of 1 pokemon? F.example: Everytime im at my grandma i always think of Ampharos, why? Because i evolved my first flaafy on gold when i was there many years ago. My home town is called "kråkerøy" but if you take that to...
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    pokemon and "black" people

    Have you noticed that its only one family in pokemon being "black"? Its like Brocks family (And im not sure, but i think Spencer too) Whats with that does stoshi and Sugimori h8 thenot white? Same is it for digimon its been 5 season and NEVER a single "black" guy Whats happening too the world?
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    A new altarnate evolution?

    Who do you think mostly would get an altarnate evo? Like Poliwhirl have Poliwrath/ Politoed. My guess have to be Psyduck with the choise to evolve to Golduck or a swan like pokémon. I have always thought Psyduck is somekind of an ugly duckling and should evolve to a beautyful swan with...
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    Favorite "Pig" Pokémon

    Favorite "Pig" Pokémon The nominated are: ;056; Mankey: the monkey with the pig nose cvalified as a Pigmonkey pokémon. ;057; Primeape: Just like Mankey, but more rage anmd power!! ;220; Swinub: The Swine always liking snow and always "Sniffing" the ground! ;221; Piloswine: Just like...
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    Rate the leafgreen team

    Okay here it is. ;003; Venusaur item: Poison barb Frenzy plant, Sludge bomb, Razor leaf, Secret power. ;034; Nidoking item: Leftovers Megahorn, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Mega punch. ;097; Hypno item: Amulet coin Psychic, Shadow ball, Metronome, Headbutt. ;085; Dodrio item: Sharp...
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    The first card

    What was the first card you ever saw if you dont remember whats the first one that you remember and do you like that pokemon? Mine was Hitmonchan from the cards pack from the Squirtle/ Hitmonchan Deck and I have begin likin him a little better now!
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    teddiursa or sentret

    Yeah you read the title then answer.;161; ;216;
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    Scizor or Elecible

    Who do you think is best of Scizor or Elecible? If this is in wrong section move it please.