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  1. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Rhapsody In Drew (400)

    Harley loses, that's what you get for being a snitch. Snorunt evolves into ice hockey goalie Glalie, and its voice is super deep. May loses to Drew but the battle was closer than I expected. Some nice Contestshipping moments at the end too :D
  2. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Deceit & Assist (399)

    Swampert, Marshtomp, and Sunflora users! Munchlax just sleeping the whole time. Torkoal cameo! Yay. And Harley does Harley things. I like that line from Drew: "Never trust anybody, just trust in your Pokémon"
  3. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Hi Ho Silver Wind! (398)

    So Caroline's here, cool that she made it in person. Imo the other moms didn't show up in person to support their daugthers iirc (Johanna at GF and Grace at the Master Class) James trying to be Norman again, TRio copying Cassidy and Buch's schemes, and Chimeco's Wobbuffet face Harley still is...
  4. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Thoughts on Continuity in Journeys?

    I understand those people who wanted Ash’s journey to end in Sinnoh, but I wanted Ash’s journey to end in Kalos
  5. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Which is why Ash’s Kalos League loss is stupid
  6. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Thoughts on Continuity in Journeys?

    Greninja still didn’t defeat Gardevoir or MCX, so by that logic Greninja has to prove itself as a super special and strong Pokemon.
  7. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Temporary PM19/JN Characters Speculation Thread

    If I was in the Pokemon universe, I would catch a Cramorant and Mudkip and then try to hook Ash and Serena up
  8. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    They will ruin Movie 12’s greatness (it’s the best movie of DP)
  9. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Ash & May! Heated Battles In Hoenn! (397)

    Boring clip show. These shouldn't count as episodes. The new footage could've just been added on to the beginning of next episode. Nice to hear Glory Day though :)
  10. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    The Ribbon Cup Caper (396)

    I thought that Officer Jenny was Brodie at the beginning because of the new voice.
  11. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Less Is Morrison (395)

    Hehe Morrison is a great character and how him and Ash keep trying to one up each other is funny, but he should have been introduced earlier
  12. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Berry, Berry, Interesting (394)

    Not a good episode aside from Munchlax. TRio was annoying af. How is Muchlax caught when the Pokéball is inside its mouth when the same thing happened with Nero and a Master Ball and it didnt catch? Lmao the Pokémon's reactions especially Grovyle BUT THEY FORGOT MUDKIP!!!!!!!
  13. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Pacifidlog Jam! (393)

    THE RETURN OF MEOWTH SUNFLORA!!!!!! ALSO MEOWTH WAILORD LMAO May vs Erica was an awful battle. The way May won was so cheese, I was totally expecting that. At least Skitty looks adorable in that ribbon.
  14. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Which of Goh's Starters got done the dirtiest writing wise?

    I will not get over that Brock’s Marshtomp hasn’t even been acknowledged after it left in AG. It’s been forgotten at this point sad Marshtomp face
  15. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Thoughts on Continuity in Journeys?

    I’m mixed on it. While it’s nice to see returning characters, it feels like most of them are shoehorned in because of fanservice. As for the series itself regarding continuity: DP and SM have had the most amount of continuity which kinda makes me sick. With DP it makes sense, with SM I know it’s...
  16. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Secrets of the Jungle (23)

    The art style is a thousand times better than JN and now I like Ash’s design here. Also Natochenny sounds back to normal and not high pitch like she does in JN thank god
  17. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    What are your taboo opinions about the anime?

    I disagree with everything here
  18. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Secrets of the Jungle (23)

    The movie had a great theme of environmentalism and pertains to real life as there are humans that want to destroy the forest and humans that want to help the environment and the creatures that live there. Watching it in English, I was able to understand the movie better. I loved the overall...
  19. cricketlaxwolvesbandy

    Secrets of the Jungle (23)

    Cramorant is the best Pokemon