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    Problems with the First Gen

    For the errors that were made that could be abused in the game or maybe jsut was annoying. In the games they made Dragon weak to Dragon, as usual, but the only Dragon move was set at 40HP, so the typing never came into play.
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    Anti-Cheating feature?

    Hi all. Recently I picked up a copy of PMD Explorers of Sky and I used a cheating device to get my pokemon to level 100, and too have infinite PP and belly. After the first dungeon, my entire inventory was replace with Plain Seeds with the description "$$$". And I. Dungeons all I find are plain...
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    When do you think Pokémon will 'drop'?

    When do you think Pokémon will 'drop'? 'Drop'... As in when do you think Pokémon will run out of ideas and either stop making games or people will stop buying the games? I think that in the next 1-2 generations, some of the fanbase will drop off and Game Freak will be left making repeats of...
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    Clemont/Citron Fan Club

    Clemont / Citron Fan Club Welcome to the Clemont / Citron Fan Club, where you can chat with other fans of the adorable nerd! In this club, you can post pictures of Clemont, share fanart or fanworks you've done or just chat! RULES 1. All SPPF rules apply here as well as anywhere on the forums...
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    Warrior Cats Club

    Welcome to the Warrior Cats fanclub. Here you can discuss, roleplay, and explore the Book Series Warrior Cats! ~RULES~ 1. All Sppf rules apply. 2. Do not troll or spam. 3. Respect everybody else 4. No one-liners 5. Please remain active, I will check if you are not active and you will be removed...
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    If you could have one superpower what would it be? Mine would be the ability to control peoples emotions. Think about it. You're on the bus and a kid is crying, and you can change them to happy. Or be a jerk and make them sadder. You have a crush on someone but they don't love you, but...
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    Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Club!

    Welcome to the Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Club! This is the club for those who are looking to buy/sell/trade items and add friends! ~RULES~ 1. All forum rules apply 2. Respect everybody before an argument breaks out 3. Provide valid information for friend codes and dream codes 4...
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    Can't recruit Moltres?

    For some reason, I can't recruit Zapdos. I have already recruited Zapdos, gotten the Friend Bow, and before I fight him I throw some red Gummies at him, but no matter how many times I try, I can't recruit him.
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    Can't L+R+SEL+START on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue?

    For some reason, this is the only game I can't LRSELSTART on. The buttons aren't broken and it works on other game, is this supposed to be this way?
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    Mew sprite

    I made a Mew sprite based on this picture ---> http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/7/7b/Mew_Adventures.png/180px-Mew_Adventures.png And here is the sprite
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    Do you htink beta Pokémon like Happa or Honoguma will ever be remade?

    Do you htink beta Pokémon like Happa or Honoguma will ever be remade? I think Gamefreak might remake them in Gen 6. To me it seems like Tirtouga is just a revamped version of the Turtle pokémon that didn't make it into gen 2.
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    Raichu or Luxray?

    I don't know which one to use against the Elite Four, Both are in the daycare currently. Which would be better to use?
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    Void glitch?

    I was running around on my bike in Jubilife city on Diamond and randomly past the little girl by the Pokétch building it was just black voids I couldn't walk on. Anybody know why this happened?
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    Pokémon with feminine designs that can be male and vice-versa

    Pokémon with feminine designs that can be male and vice-versa Exactly as the title says. Pokémon that look feminine that can be male and vice-versa. One for me is Azumarill. I'd think Azumarril would be female only but it still has a 50% chance of being male. And to me Weavile looks a bit...
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    WARRIORS: Greyscale's Path

    One day, after reading some Warriors, I decided to make a comic series for fun. In something other than MS Paint *gasp*! Click me to see the page for the comic! And here is the first page!
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    I 'tried' to draw Charmander...

    All I can say is... I tried. USED: Paint Tool SAI. to
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    Adobe After Effects Trial help?

    I registered and verifyed my Creative Cloud account, but whenever I click to download the trial of After Effects it takes me to the Creative Cloud page, but it's not on that page!
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    Bully: Scholarship Edition

    I love this game to pieces, especially when you have access to the town. Bully had entertaining mini-games and a IMO decent plot and really deserves a sequel. Maybe this is just the fan-girl me talking, though. Discuss?
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    Would you play Pokémon Green if the graphics were revamped?

    Would you play Pokémon Green if the graphics were revamped? I would, as long as all the graphics would be revamped, just having the battle sprites revamped wouldn't e enough for me.
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    Mareep V Torchic

    I personally think Torchic would win, despite Mareep's power.