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  1. Soniman

    What is the series' goal here?

    I know for a fact Gou will not catch Mew so watching him chuck balls at random Pokemon doesn't make me feel anything. Ash has no goal and no Pokemon and that apparently isn't changing in the near future. The initial appeal of going to old locations is gone when none of the characters associated...
  2. Soniman

    Kalos League - One Year Later

    Yes, today is the anniversary of when Ash lost the Kalos League, you know the story, it's one of the most (if not THE MOST) infamous moments in the anime's history and the whole world was watching when it happened. Ash got to the finals for the first (and probably only) time ever and he was set...
  3. Soniman

    Sun & Moon, your thoughts now vs first thoughts

    Now that we're in the double digits and we've had our first major battle of the saga I wanted to know where people stand in regards to the saga right now and how they compared to your initial thoughts to it
  4. Soniman

    So what's the pacing going to be dictated by?

    We no longer have gym battles so is it gonna be replaced by Z crystals? Can we assume that Ash will only be getting the "main story" crystals and all the extra ones will be dummied out or given to other people? Or will Kahuna battles be used as the new way to determine the pace? Given...
  5. Soniman

    XY and it's 'Anti-Continuity'

    Many people have brought this up but I really feel like this kinda deserve this own topic. We all know Pokemon isnt the most continuity intensive anime ever but they would never shy away from recognizing their past when it's appropriate. AG was a direct continuation of OS so they didnt feel the...
  6. Soniman

    vs Alan or vs Cameron

    Which loss stung more and poured salt in the wound?
  7. Soniman

    If you could change one thing about a Pokegirl

    What would it be? Misty: Give her an arc, more development episodes, more episodes about her Pokemon in genreal not named Togepi, ie an actual water type May: Dont get rid of her Hoenn Team for BF, get rid of Squirtle and Eevee give her a Delcatty and have her reunite with Swablu Dawn: Shh...
  8. Soniman

    Pokemon Anime - Shounen or Kodomo?

    I've seen people appreciate XY's more serious and standard "shounen" attempts (anime for preteen boys) at story telling (strong protag, serious story attempts and moments in general) and others deride it (more gender roles, fanservicey moments, etc). Others appreciate BW and it's more...
  9. Soniman

    The New Animation Style

    How do you feel about it? I think it's one of the more progressive things the anime as had with the abolishment of stock backgrounds for the most part and much more fluid animation overall, but others apparentley feel differently. Where do you stand? Is it an improvement or a regression?