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    Most Under-Used/Under-Rated/Forgotten 1st Generation Pokemon

    Even though it's one of my favorites to use competitively, I hardly ever see a Clefable in battles. It's a very useful pokemon.
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    The Shiny Pokemon Club

    Ooh, that Shiny Circuit looks very fun. I OSF hereby acknowledge that I have read the Forum and Club rulesand agree to abide by them.
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    Gender Differences Q&A

    Guys what male stereotype about your gender do you find to be the most annoying and/or untrue? The whole "Men are helpless without a woman in the house to clean up after them", and the one I detest the most is that boys don't care about anything in a relationship and just wanna get in...
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    Teachers that suck.

    My 6th Grade Enrichment teacher. He was completely irate. After spending two or so weeks in his class, he would start randomly insulting you (with vivid language...), which is supposedly "just joking around". I am certain that it is extremely unproffesional an asinine to call your students that...
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    Seeing that you were confused in signing up for the Anime-Style Battling, read this very...

    Seeing that you were confused in signing up for the Anime-Style Battling, read this very important site for all the information you need. PS, it's a little outdated...
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    Have you PMed Joshua yet?

    Have you PMed Joshua yet?
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    Spinda Smackdown? Clefable Wigglytuff Spinda Smackdown?

    Spinda Smackdown? Clefable Wigglytuff Spinda Smackdown?
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    Pokemon: Blissful World

    Well, I haven't had the ability to get on a comp, so I'll just sign up anyways as I am quite eager to see this get off the ground. ^-^ Name: Diégo Ombré Age: Fourteen Sex: Male Hometown/Area: Twilight Town, Sabian Island Chosen Pokémon: Sableye Appearance: Diego is of an average build. He...
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    Pokemon: Blissful World

    It's almost there. Another question, does Relgran, or any other cities have theatres for musical performances, plays, etc.?
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    Pokemon: Blissful World

    Oh my word Handy, this is Kuno awesome. (I'll type a sign-up when I have access to an actual computer instead of an iTouch.) A QQ, If one's partner had been a Sableye, would you think it be fair to have a good access to abilities to each type? Like saying the RP character had discovered the...
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    Battle Tower Squad Singles

    Comments in Bold.
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    HG/SS In-Game team

    Only rated pokemon I use myself. One suggestion though, make sure a move fits with its stats. e.g.: Air Slash(Special) on Crobat(Attack is higher than Sp.A). Hope this helps.
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    Battle Tower: Please Rate.

    Edited first post. @randomspot: I was using HP(Gh) because of the spotless coverage with Close Combat. I found my SID so I breed to perfection, and soft reset IV's, which I then pull up the serebii.net IVcalc to see if HP on that pokemon is decent.
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    Battle Tower: Please Rate.

    Hrrm. Me likey Clefable. I think I'll still use Life Orb cuz of Magic Coat. Any suggestions for a Phys. Attacker for the third slot? EDIT: I think Im going to use a Floatzel. Floatzel(Adamant)@Choice Band 252Att&Spe, 4Hp -CruncH -Brick Break -Waterfall -Ice Punch
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    Platinum: Last pokemon suggestion

    Whoopz. Forgot to say that if he uses the band he should swap DD with Stone Edge.
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    Platinum: Last pokemon suggestion

    ^Don't listen to this guy. Use this. Dragonite(Jolly/Adamant)@Your Choice Item(If you have a Life Orb or Choice Band/Scarf, I would recommend that. -Dragon Dance -Fire/Ice Punch -Thunder/Fire Punch -Outrage/Dragon Claw Outrage for more damage, but if you don't want that recoil from it, Dragon...
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    Battle Tower: Please Rate.

    [1st];392;Infernape(Naive/Hardy)@Wise Glasses EVs: 252 Sp.A, 192 Spe, 64 Att. -Close Combat -Flamethrower -HP(Grass) -Nasty Plot I like this set, but would like to see if there is anything better. ;036;Clefable(Bold)@Life Orb Magic Coat 252HP, 104Sp.A, 148Def -Ice Beam -Calm Mind...
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    The ghost pokemon guild

    Oh frak. Im really sorry LG, I just cane back from a trip, only to come home to an inactive Pokémon Pearl cartage. I won't be abke to battle...
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    The ghost pokemon guild

    Sorry for the non-activity, ive been so caught up in PASBL. >What ghost pogey should ash catch? He already caught one. He caught a Haunter before challenging Sabrina. Put me up for the Lvl.1 battle. Are we able to use any lvl.1 or do we have to use ghost pogeys? Ill check the last few pages.