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    Experimental Watercolor Pokemon

    Hello, Just want some criticism on my artistic skill. I do understand the Bellossom's anatomy is inaccurate. I apologize for the seller-position I am in here, but it was the most readily available source for displaying my art. Critique away...
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    Make a sentence

    Title is self explanitory! Just say up to 2 words, and wait for the next poster. Try to make a semi-logical statement, please;) RULES: -You cannot post twice in a row. -Indicate that a sentence is complete with a period. -The person that posts after a sentence is complete must rewrite it...
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    Hao Miyazaki Anyone?

    Hayao Miyazaki Anyone? This is a thread where you can rate and discuss any Hayao Miyazaki film you have seen, or decide if you want to see one, for that matter. If you have never bothered with any of these movies because other Japanese works have been gay in the past, try to be open minded...
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    Serebii's Fakemon Pokedex

    I have made this for every serebii art thread goer to enjoy and contribute to! This is a place where you can draw a pokemon, and I will put it into this fakedex. (Mods: I have asked permission, but the person I asked is not responding) RULES: read them or face sockyskarmie's wrath 1. All...
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    microsoft paint magic

    This is my first ever post on the art thread. I draw in my own special style, so if you notice something different, well, it's signature sockyskarmie. Please enjoy! This is my favorite pokemon, Skormory. It's drawn on old fashioned paint because our scanner doesn't work:( Here is...
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    Shiny Genders?

    When you first see a shiny, what happens? You throw a ball with as much care as possible and keep your hands far away from the power button. After Saving, you examine the pokemon, looking at it's gender, nature, and moves. Well, I have never seen a girl shiny. I don't know if its rarer or...
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    The Representation of Pokemon?

    Why does pikachu represent pokemon? Because Ash has one? Because it's yellow? If you don't think pikachu is the bestest most awesomestest pokemon ever than please state which pokemon is and why. If you think pikachu deserves his place than please state why also. :surfpika...
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    Warning: Choking Hazard

    If you like stupid, pointless pokemon comics then please click here. A thanks to #1 manga fan!(the exclamation point is part of the name) for some technical help. rated PG for little violence and alcoholic beverages. Chapter One:http://i21.*******.com/2qd3f6a.jpg Chapter...
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    Strangest Type Combination

    Please think about how each pokemon would get by, especially the ones that have one type super-effective against the other. Skarmory-the flying hunk of metal. Lucario-the fighting hunk of metal. Rotom-the phantom thunderbolt. Snover-the leafy popsicle. Girafarige-normal, plus psychic...
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    Peeps Behind the Door

    You know that old guy in Mossdeep? Ive heard there are people behind his door and you need an E card or something
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    Scarlet Ridge

    wow! sockyskarmie followed the formatting rules Caution: do not read this if you have not played the Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Chapter One;227; I stared off into the horizon. This night might have been nice if I could just forget what was around me. Forget the fact that my pokemon...
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    Not your average pokemon story chapter 2

    Um, hi. I really don't know how good my little story is yet, but if it's boring, it will get better. Sorry, I really like sci fi! ;227;Chapter 2 With only my shadow to accompany me, I rushed though the empty pass of the Rocket headquarters. As I passed an old, rusty mirror, I...
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    Not your average Pokemon story

    ;227;CHAPTER 1 I squinted out into the horizon, and secretly screamed crap! in my mind. They were back, and this time, there were many more. Our pokemon were dying... There is no way we could fight them off. My skarmory had just aquired the sickness. His metal armor had only...