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    A Pudding you like! :x

    Which ones do you like from the list? ~Vote.
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    D/P Poll: Alakazam VS Gardevoir

    Well, read before voting. When in old generations, most of people voted for Alakazam, and mostly because he can learn the elemental punches. But now in D/P, the punches aren't special attacks anymore, so they're kind of more useless for Alakazam. Which one do you think will be better in D/P...
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    Pokemon Fan Club Interview.

    I was wandering around Slateport and I headed to the Fan Club, I talked to the interviewer and Blaziken was my first Pokemon. I told her "Blaziken Can Learn Flamethrower", then I checked the TV and she said I rate this letter with 100 Points. Does anyone know what happens now? Or maybe...
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    My new Scizor.

    Ok, I have a team for NB which I keep changing often, but I don't change Scizor because he's my favourite Pokemon. So, you have to tell me how he's doing: Scizor@Salac Berry Nature: Adamant Ability: Swarm - Useless EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Sp.Def. Moveset: -Aerial Ace -Endure...
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    What's wrong with the crabs?

    So, in my Emerald I put in Day-Care a Corphish and another Corphish. They made an Egg, I hatched the egg and then I evolved him at level 30 into Crawdaunt for 10 or so minutes, he was damn easy to train. I just saw that something was going so fast there. I have a Emerald ROM for experiments, I...
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    Wild Pokemon and Eggs.

    Hello. PART 1:We know that every non-legendary pokemon, from wild, wherever you catch it, is hatched rfom an egg. If not, where did it come from then? When you breed two pokemon, you get an Egg and you need to hacth it. Every Pokemon you hatch comes out at level 5, and un-evolved. Wild...
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    Qwilfish >>> Quilfish !!!

    Why almost everyone says Quilfish instead of Qwilfish, it's real name is Qwilfish. Do people try to make some kind of name-change or whatever? I saw this in many many threads, saying Quilfish instead of Qwilfish.
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    VS Seeker or Match Call?

    Which do you like more? VS Seeker or Match Call, or maybe both? I mean, which one do you like to be in Diamond and Pearl.
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    Does Dunsparce has any reason to exist?

    Ahem, you read the thread title, right? Why is it? Luvdisc holds Heart Scales, an useful item. But what about the Dunsparce, no-one uses it, horrible movepool, ugly in any mean, doesn't hold any important or useful item. Why does he/she exist? Any reason?
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    Tamanta evolution.

    This is a question. Tamanta has no Remoraid in it's wing, or whatever. When he/she evolves into a Mantine, how will the Remoraid come there, what do you think? Do we need an item or it will evolve just like every other pokemon (by leveling up)? If this is a Stupid, Pointless, Annoying...
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    Kanto Maps.

    here are Kanto cities and towns. Not routes and islands because I am still making them. Celadon City. http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/9730/celadoncity4tj.png Cerulean City. http://img288.imageshack.us/img288/3126/ceruleancity8kh.png Cinnabar Island...
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    Mystery Dungeon Sprites!

    Here are some Mystery Dungeon Sprites, only the front ones, after I rip all front sprites, I start ripping them from other sides. But they still need lot of work and time. If you want them, credit? No. No credit, feel free to use them. Other will be here soon. EDIT: I just re-colored the...
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    Every name with 5 letters.

    This is a question. Don't think of anything else. When I see Pokemon game screenshots in websites or everywhere in Japanese version. Why pokemons have always their name with 5 letters? This is weird because some pokemons have the same name: Charmander & Charmeleon >> Charm Machop &...
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    Have you ever raised a Pokemon to level 100 without evolving it?

    You read the question, right? And now, have you ever done that? I did it twice. When I got Crystal I caught a Seadra and I didn't knew how to evolve it, I raised him up to level 100 without evolveing. I left him like that. I raised a Ponyta too. Now training a Caterpie.
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    Things you don't like to be in the games.

    Erhem. What things you don't like to be in these two games when they come out? A wild pokemon everywhere in the region? Another Rock Type Gym? Many weak trainer around? And so on...
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    Moves that pokemon would NEVER learn

    So, the other thread like this with abilities brought me the idea to make this one. The moves that pokemon would never have. Magikarp would never learn Earthquake Charizard would never learn Signal Beam etc. So, now, start!
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    Trainer Card

    The old thread I made is gone somewhere, I couldn't find it. So the new thread came up. here are some Trainer Cards I made: These are some, I have many others. And here, I have my worst Trainer Card ever: A Mystery Dungeon trainer card. Not trainer but Team Card, I know...
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    First Trainer Card I ever made!

    So, this is my first try. I tried to make them before but I always failed. Now, I think I have the things I need and I just made one. Here:
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    Deoxys. The most powerful pokémon?

    Deoxys. The most powerful pokémon? I was thinking. What if I get a Deoxys in Emerald, train him in Pokemon Emerald for Speed. After a while I transfer him to Leaf Green to raise his Defense and Special Defense, then transfer him to Fire Red to raise his Attack and Special Attack. After all...
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    What is your ID number in any pokemon game?

    In Fire Red, my new file, I got this ID number: 09556 In Emerald, that I am playing from over 9 months ago, I got this ID number: 38292 Ok, I hope you know what you should do in this thread.