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    Triple Triad Tourney

    Status: Complete! an ΩRαS Wi-Fi Tournament Credit: Thanks to The Under for supporting us with the banner! Pokegyms and the Trinity League proudly present the TRIPLE TRIAD TOURNEY --This tournament will take place from Friday, June 12th and will last until Monday, June 22nd. If you would...
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    The TRINITY Tournament

    Status: Tourney Complete an ΩRαS Wifi Tournament Tournament Banner sponsored by The Under The Trinity League proudly presents: ~the TRINITY Tournament~ After a year of much success, the Trinity League would like to invite all battle enthusiasts to partake in a fun and EPIC tournament to...
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    Year of the Goat Tournament

    Status: Sign-up & Tourney Start an ΩRαS Wifi Tournament Tournament Banner sponsored by The Under The Trinity League & Pokegyms proudly present their next casual Wifi Tournament for everyone: Year of the Goat! This Wifi tournament will take place from Friday 20th of March to Thursday 30th of...
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    Nuzlocke Tournament

    Status: Tournament Completed!! Pokegyms & Trinity LEAGUES present: Nuzlocke Tournament a real-time WIFI ΩRαS Tournament The Pokegyms & Trinity Leagues invite everyone with creativity and bravery to their casual Tournament for everyone! The Nuzlocke Tournament will take place on Sunday...
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    Knights of ROUND Tournament

    Status: Tourney Completed! "Knights of ROUND" Tournament Deviant Artist Credit: kgym; Deltheor Tournament Overseers: TheShoveler1887 & Cryùel Official Knights of ROUND Tournament COUNTDOWN TIMER ~~OFFICIAL Tournament Chatroom~~ Pairings will be listed here This tournament is a...
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    The Mystics Club ~Ghost/Fairy/Dark/Psychic/Dragon Club~

    Please use the new club thread located here! Thanks! (VampirateMace) ~The Mystics Club~ Welcome to the Mysics Pokémon Club! If you're an admirer of Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Fairy, or Dragon type Pokémon, then this casual club is for you to enjoy with fellow mystics~ ~This club offers~ an...
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    Tournament XYZ

    Status: Tourney Completed! WIFI-TOURNAMENT Image Credit: by DA's Atluss Official Tournament XYZ COUNTDOWN TIMER ~~OFFICIAL Tournament Chatroom~~ Tournament Overseers: Mr.Y & Marashu This tournament is a real-time, Wifi tournament and will take place on Sunday, the 21st of...
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    Wizard's Wrath

    Wizard's Wrath Tournament Announcement: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tournament Banner by Kida-Ookami The Trinity League presents its next casual Wifi Tournament for everyone: Wizard's Wrath! This real-time tournament will take place on Saturday and/or Sunday, August 16th-17th. We have thought of a...