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    A second hello.

    After having been absent from this place for ages, I think it's about time I made a reappearance. I've laid Pokémon down some time ago and I really want to pick it back up although I am quite busy with school and whatnot. So I hope I can truly become part of the family again after so long...
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    What artists/bands have you seen live?

    As I see no thread for this topic, here's one to share your experiences and tell us what bands you've seen live and which you are about to see in the near future. My list (without dates because it'll be a mass lol) Stone Sour, Guns N' Roses, Y&T, Talisman, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Toto...
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    Kuroshitsuji thread

    I don't think I ever saw a thread on here about Kuroshitsuji. So discuss this anime in this thread. ~ Do you think there will be a third season even though there are already OVA's being made? ~ I really hope there will be a third season, and there might be because the ending of season 2...
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    Yep, new

    Been on here for a couple days because the main reason I came here was for trades. Liking this forum also for everything else now tho. My name's Esther. 17 y/o girl from the Netherlands. Started my quest to complete the Pokédex on Soul Silver one week ago. (first it was just random stuff...