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  1. Shuam


    Opinions and all that. Why the hell would someone make the decision to not eat the most delicious and scrumptious food in the world? And no it's not because they love animals and think cows should be treated with respect even though they're bred to be eaten & no it's not because it's healthier...
  2. Shuam

    Useful Wonder Mail S Thread.

    Considering how UPokeCenter, the site that created the PMD 1 & 2 Wonder Mail generators is absolutely dead, I thought it would be nice if we had a thread that has useful wondermails. I'll get us started with what I've found. Basic Items Reviver Seed Client: Chingling Find: Scanner orb Beach...
  3. Shuam

    lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

    news: warfare and shuam will do banners. specify size in "other," though we may change the dimensions due to our preferences. accepting anime-related images for a week. 80%████████▒▒ this is an icon and banner shop. warfare and shuam shop collab. therefore, ten times awesome. ❶ rules general...
  4. Shuam


    It's been a long time, and I haven't really made much new stuff since my last thread, but I've made some, so I'll repost some old crap and throw on some new stuff in this thread. (Y) --- new stuff. --- buckethead1 buckethead2 nuclear holocaust --- old stuff. --- go to jail, do not...
  5. Shuam

    Random icons and the like.

    Well, I've been doing stuff like this for a while, with the graphics etc, but I've finally decided to post a thread because I need to work on some things, but I don't exactly know what, or how. The purpose of this thread is to get some good CC, not to say "Wow, that's good." or something of the...
  6. Shuam

    hi ilu.

    Hi ilu. size one font now. Size one makes stuff so much cooler, huh? ANYWAYS, by now I'm pretty sure that you guys have seen a lot of people with some amazing MSPaint work sigs and avatars. Well guess who made them? Me. Anyways, I normally wouldn't open a request shop for something so...
  7. Shuam

    The Official SPPf Bishie Thread - v.6

    SPPF BISHIE THREAD v. 6 Since the old one was a complete and utter disaster, I felt like taking the liberty to recreate this tradition, but with peace and order. Hey, this is the Bishie thread v. 6, approved by Rave.. . The last one was closed due to the inactivity of the owner, and the...
  8. Shuam

    Cropping videos.

    I'm looking for a program that can crop videos. Not like involving time, but the resolution of the video. Like sometimes when I'm recording myself playing a game, I get some of the TV in the video, so I mean like being able to get rid of that, and changing the resolution I guess. Kinda like how...
  9. Shuam

    Palestinian Bulldozer Driver Rams City Traffic

    http://www.startribune.com/world/22806259.html?location_refer=Golf This is madness, on youtube there are a lot of vids of it, one showing the driver being shot. Discuss.
  10. Shuam

    Wii Question

    Alright. If I have a Wii, and an SD card, and I run out of memory on my Wii, but I want to download something off the Wii Shop Channel, will it download to the SD card? Asking this because I want to get a WiiWare game and my Wii ran out of memory, and I don't want to waste my money on a Wii...
  11. Shuam

    Decent Video Editing program?

    Yar, i'm looking for some video editing programs, mainly to improve the quality of audio on my videos. Yes, i know, most of them cost money, but i'm looking for a free one, since i used all my cash on the camera itself :x Just wondering if anyone knows any programs.
  12. Shuam

    Flip Video

    So, i've been looking for a video camera to make some youtube vids with, and I came across the Flip Video. Now, i've done some research and whatnot, but I'm wondering if anyone here has one. I've seen a few vids, and the audio seemed kinda quiet, so i'm just wondering if that's the microphone or...
  13. Shuam

    Brawl Replay Help

    So, i got an SD card for Brawl, and i wanna put some of my replays on youtube, cause some of them are pretty rediculous, but when i connect the SD card to the computer, the files are all .bin files. Anyways, i was wondering there was a free converter that could simply convert the .bin files to...
  14. Shuam

    +Citrus / REQUEST / Shop+

    Welcome! Welcome to the Citrus Request shop! Here, you can request your wildest needs! x3 Anyways, since this is true, there has to be rules D: I honestly hate rules, but due to my last shop (LOL 2006) I am like pretty much being forced to put these here. ----- •All Serebiiforums rules apply...
  15. Shuam

    Looking for decent host.

    Me and one of my e-friends are making a graphics site, and we've got it together and stuff, it's just that we can't find a good host. We're looking for something free, of course, and at the moment we don't have a domain, so it needs to have the ability to get a subdomain through them, and just...
  16. Shuam

    The Fanart Club

    The Fanart Club (Approved By Chelc) Hey, and welcome to the Fanart club. This club is pretty much for the following things, so listen up. + People • People who create Fan Art • Fans of Fan Art • Banner/Sprite/Avatar makers would also count as fan art makers, as most banners, sprites, and...
  17. Shuam

    Gah.. Earphones...?

    Yes, this is odd. Well, my iPod earphones broke. Completely. And, it's time for some new ones, i've asked my friends, and they said to get the iPod ones, but those broke for me, and my friends, even after my friends got them before, so i'm trying to get some other earphones, and i really don't...
  18. Shuam


    Well, i got photoshop, and i need to make a layout for my site, but it says that i need dreamweaver or frontpage to complete it. Is there any free software like either of these programs?
  19. Shuam

    Freaky Pikachu's. DD:

    Ok, wierd title. But i actually made one. I'm new to photoshop, and need some major tutorials, but i thought i might aswell post my version of coloring, and no i don't use tuts, so it's probably not that great ^_____^;; Anyways.... Pikachu Smoking and all Wierd Lookin' (PG13?) Angry Pikachu D...
  20. Shuam

    My sites

    Eh, yeah. I might aswell post my sites. http://nintendoblitz.parahosting.net NintendoBlitz : One of my sites, Nintendo based, and still under major construction, only thing i've finished is the layout. http://pokemongamer.net Pokemongamer : My first site, unfortunately, i've lost interest in...