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    rare candy cheat screwded up my game!

    I used a rare candy cheat on platinum and when i use one my game freezes. I got rid of the rare candies (threw them out). Whenever i use a potion or full heal it freezes my game. What can I do to fix this!?!/
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    Hitmontop help!!!

    I have a tyrouge fully evd but his attack is 19 points higher than defense! I can't use any irons on him since he has all 510 evs. :( current stats: Level 25 Attack: 46 Defense: 30
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    Im going to raise a flareon with these moves (can't get superpower): Return Curse Fire fang Sub/ Protect/ Wish I'm not sure of a nature or evs. Any suggestions?
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    Flareon is dig and sub possible?! D:

    im looking into hatching a naive shiny eevee and I was wondering if this moveset works: Fire fang Sub. HP ground/dig Return [can't get superpower] I'm most likely using dig due to the power. Am I able to set up a sub. Then dig? :0
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    Flareon's evs (and nature)? o_o

    Flareon's evs (and nature) Any suggestions? o_o Yah.. I wanna hatch a Flareon as the last member of my Eeveelution team: Umbreon X espeon X jolteon X vaporeon X glaceon X Flareon Since I dont have any ground coverage and it has a decent SA I'm going with Hp ground Fire fang or flamethrower...
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    Umbreons EVs?!

    I hatched a Careful Eevee and evolved it into a umbreon. It's a wish, curse payback and toxic eevee. Any Ev suggestions!? Thanks. ;D ;310;
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    Crawdaunt moveset?! (double battler)

    Well I've decided on a partner for my seviper which is a crawdaunt but now I have another problem. Crawdaunt is weak against fighting but I need fightning. Brick break or aerial ace?! Seviper moveset: fthrower giga-drain hp (ground) sludge bomb Crawdaunt: Brick break/ ace Night slash...
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    Seviper needs a battle partner! Suggestions?!?

    Well I just hatched a seviper with this moveset Flamethrower,giga-drain, Hidden power ground, and Sludge bomb. I know he's weak to psychic and ground. I want to use him for double battles. Since he's a special sweeper I wanted a physcial partner that could cover each others weaknesses and...
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    leaf green elite 4 training help!

    ok i'm training my new team to beat the elite 4! (i lost at least like 4 times, using only my level 56 charizard, torch). but now i want to be prepared! i want make sure they are the right types! my team is: Torch ;006; Level 80 moves: blast burn fly overheat fire blast Lightning ;026...
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    my team! rate em!

    ;006; ;026; ;139; ;130; ;030; ;018;