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    Rate My Team! I Welcome Any Battles

    1. Deoxys @ Mind Plate Move 1-Psyco Boost Move 2-Extreme Speed Move 3-Zap Cannon Move 4-Hyper Beam 2. Mewtwo @ Colbur Berry Move 1-Thunder Move 2-Blizzard Move 3-Fire Blast Move 4-Psychic 3. Rayquaza @ Draco Plate Move 1-Extreme Speed Move 2-Dragon Pulse Move 3-Draco Meteor...
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    Rate my Diamond Team!

    Blaziken @Charcoal Flamethrower Flare Blitz Focus Blast Brave Bird Milotic @Splash Plate Hydro Pump Ice Beam Dragon Pulse Surf Torterra @Quick Claw Wood Hammer Leaf Storm Earthquake Giga Drain Tyranitar @Soft Sand Dragon Claw Earthquake Stone Edge Dark Pulse...
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    im new here and what does PM stand for? how do you trade in the forums

    hey im new here and my name is Record Dealer. i went to the trade forums and wondered what PM stands for? also how do you trade in the forums and how do you find out your friend code? pls help im clueless