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  1. Blood Red

    Looking for some help with trade evos and version exclusives

    EDIT: I've already managed to find all the 'mons I was looking for, but I'm still willing to help anyone looking to complete their Dex! If you're looking for any of the Pokémon I'm offering, hmu Hi, I need trade evolutions and version exclusives to complete my Dex. Anyone willing to trade...
  2. Blood Red

    MockShipping General Discussion

    MockShipping | PaulxUrsula http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/232/8/d/Smirk_by_FairyKitsch.jpg Credit goes to FairyKitsch from deviantArt MockShipping is the name given to the belief that Paul and Ursula from Pokémon are/should be in a romantic relationship. The name comes from their...