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    Looking for help trade evolving some pokemon

    Wondering if someone would be willing to help me evolve my Gurdurr, Rhydon, and Swirlix. Also looking to trade for a Flame Orb if anyone has some extras. I can offer HA Squirtles in Beast balls, HA Falinks in Level balls, HA Togepi in Love balls, HA Duskull in Safari balls, Seedot in Safari...
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    Need help finishing Dex?

    I don't have a Clear Body Klink unfortunately, but I could use a Galar Farfetch'd if you're offering. Also some help evolving a Spritzee if it's not too much trouble.
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    Thank you!
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    Alright! Link code's 0847
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    Hey, so are you available to trade now, or would another time be better?
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    Hi, I'm interested in a HA Indeedee. Would you be willing to trade one for a HA Arrokuda?
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    Do you believe in Astrology?

    While the idea that the changing micro gravity of nearby celestial bodies, minute as it is, is enough to affect the mental development of a fetus in such a way that the brain chemistry is more inclined towards particular personality traits and mindsets is intriguing; such traits can also be more...
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    Which pokemon do I evolve and power up

    I'd like to test this more as well, but between the difficulty of finding two of the same species pokemon with identical CP and lack of materials to evolve them if you do find them, I'm having a hard time doing so. If all else fails, I do have two Clefairy at 150 CP, it'll just take awhile till...
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    Which pokemon do I evolve and power up

    I'm talking about the number of power ups it takes to reach the cap, not the individual cost of each power up. There was a example I made in the CP Range thread, where my sister and I both evolved our Eevee's when we were level 8. The only difference was mine had 23 more CP, just enough to have...
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    Which pokemon do I evolve and power up

    The final CP may not be different, but from what I've been seeing, it may actually be more cost effective on stardust to power up beforehand, since unevolved pokemon are capable of reaching their current CP cap in far fewer power ups than their evolved counterparts. You just run the risk of...
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    Pokemon Combat Point (CP) Range: (Community Contribution)

    Nothing new for myself, but my sister, who just reached level 8, caught a 200 CP Eevee and evolved it, raising it's CP to 403. I bring this up because my own Eevee I obtained and evolved at level 8 went from 223 to 605. So unless the algorithm that determines the CP gain from evolution is...
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    Pokemon Combat Point (CP) Range: (Community Contribution)

    Pokemon caught:Eevee CP:197 Trainer Level:8 Pokemon caught:Clefairy CP:237 Trainer Level:8 Pokemon caught:Eevee CP:261 Trainer Level:9 Pokemon caught:Fearow CP:316 Trainer Level:9 Only listing the extra high one's. Still finding minimum CP pokemon on occasion, but pokemon in the mid-100's...
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    Pokemon Combat Point (CP) Range: (Community Contribution)

    Pokemon caught:Eevee CP:223 Trainer Level:8 Pokemon caught:Arcanine CP:291 Trainer Level:8 The CP on the pokemon I encounter immediately started spiking at higher levels after I reached level eight. The highest I was reaching for the previous 3 levels was around ~190-ish at most. Also...
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    Pokemon Go Discussion

    You can play with an Ipod, but unless you have a wifi source right on top of a Pokestop get ready to spend a lot of money on incenses, because that's the only way you'll encounter any pokemon. Although, if you have a generous friend, they can turn their phone into a hotspot, giving your Ipod a...
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    XP Grinding Guide

    I can confirm the running animation has nothing to do with the game's 'speed limit'. I've been playing off my Ipod Touch. Since it has no GPS ciruitry, it relies on the wifi source's designated address to determine it's location, so according to my game I'm standing next to the road about 100...
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    Community POTW #116

    Which is a shame since Unburden and it's nearly unresisted typing makes it a fantastic Swagger+Lum candidate, and it even has some support options with Moldbreaker, Taunting through Oblivious/Aroma Veil, Entraining Moldbreaker to an Earthquake abusing partner to hit Levitate users, etc.
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    [DESTINY] Guardians of Serebii.net Forums

    Actually people without The Taken King CAN get the new year 2 exotics, they just can't use them due to being level capped at 34.
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    Super Mario Maker

    Here's the one's I've uploaded so far: Hopping to victory (E0B1-0000-0015-FC01) The first level I made. Very basic, it's one of those levels where you jump from enemy to enemy the whole way, with the occasional small platform and trampoline thrown in. I didn't try to make this unfairly...
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    amiibo Thread

    Show me a full rack of Wii Fit Trainer's, Pit's, Little Mac's, Lucina's, and Robin's. Then I'll be impressed. ...And I'll probably ask you to pick up a Robin for me.
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    Community POTW #083

    No, Terrakion gets used too, so it's actually +4. That's also big time overkill though, and, let's be honest, who doesn't know how to counter Terracotta these days. I do like pairing it up with Kangaskan in doubles though. That way you're using a pokemon that's actually useful on it's own and is...