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    Legend or no Legend

    Is it better to use non legendary pokemon than legendary ones?
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    Berry glitch fix?

    Why can't I get the berry glitch fix to work in my ruby and there is always a message saying unable to uptade berry glitch fix.
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    Trade glitch

    My cousin and I decide to trade his dewgong for my seadra so that it can evovle into a kingdra.After my cousin receive the seadra it evolve into kingdra because I gave it a dragon scale and after it evolve my little brother accidentall hit the link cable and the a message says the there an error...
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    where is he?

    Can you guys tell me where is the move deleter located in FR?
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    hardest legendary pokemon to catch in FR/LG

    What's the hardest legendary pokemon you caught in fr/lg? mine is mewtwo it took me 20 tries to capture it.
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    What's your fave dark type pokemon

    Who do you prefer is your favorite dark type pokemon? I prefer darkrai is my fave dark type pokemon
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    clock glitch

    in my emerald i'd check my clock after beating the elite four and i found thats its not moving and its still the time when i play a new game in it.could this be a glitch
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    groudon & kyogre vs aruseus & rayquaza

    who do you think will win groudon and kyogre or aruseus and rayquaza. I vote for arusues and rayquaza because they look stronger together.
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    your lv:100 pokemon in pokemon r/s/e

    in pokemon emerald i got a lv:100 wobbuffet,latias,sceptile,lapras,groudon,rayquaza,porygon2,moltres and regirock
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    how to get the johto starters

    how many pokemon should i get on hoenn to get the johto starters.
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    which is better? a rayquaza or a lugia

    i like rayquaza with it's cool attack outrage. how about yours?
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    pokemon leauge glitch

    when i defeated wallace in pokemon emerald and i went to the hall fame and after the credits my save file was deleted whay did i do wrong
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    Jirachi Factor

    is it true when you caught already 200 pokemon you get jirachi.
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    how does the mystery event work

    there's a person in the pc in petalburg i type mystery event is exiting then i save my game and i turn my gameboy on and i found that there is another option on the menu screen and its called mystery event how does it work?;444;
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    which is better diaruga or parukia or both. for me i like diaruga
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    marty's fakes

    so okay I deleted my last thread and i start a new one so here it is my created fake pokemon latias in latios shinie form milotigon
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    dragon rage fave dragon type pokemon

    what's your favorite dragon type pokemon?and what's your fave dragon attacks.mine is rayquaza and my favorite dragon attack is outrage
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    what's your favorite fire type pokemon

    what's your fave fire type pokemon?well mine is groudon;078;
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    favorite legendary pokemon

    whats your favorite legendary pokemon.mine is rayquaza.yeah;munchlax;