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    Final Fantasy Tactics A2

    Hey Guys, Come talk about everything to do with the DS game Final Fantasy Tactics A2. From Strategys to Help, whatever you need, here is the place to discuss it. I just got this game the other day when I was in America on holiday. Its an awesome game so far, but I'm only up to the Deadly...
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    Gyarados Help!

    Can You Help Me With A good Set + EV's For my Shiny Gyarados. It has NO EVs, and These are its Stats/IV's (yea they kinda crappy -_-) Shiny Gyarados Lax Nature Hp 114/0 <--- Yea I Know it SUCKS!!! Att 99/12 Def 75/21 S.Att 53/15 S.Def 76/23 Spd 65/6 I Don't know what to EV Train it...