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    A Tale of Two Trainers

    A Tale of Two Trainers Hey Guys! Charze here with a fanfiction coming at you. I had written a bunch of this story a while ago, and I recently picked it up and I'm hoping to use the forums as an incentive to keep writing it. I will rate this PG, because it is not in my character to curse a lot...
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    The Never Ending Adventure

    Welcome to the Domain of Challenges. You are the adventurer, and no matter where you go, there will always be another obstacle or challenge to overcome. It is your goal to make it through each obstacle or battle in order to get to the next one. It proceeds as follows: Person A: Person B...
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    New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS): Retail or eShop?

    So with the option of buying New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS) in store or on the eShop, i figured we should have a place to discuss this. There are a number of advantages and disadvatages, but which ones weigh out for you? Also, I'm making this mainly so I can figure out which way to get it.
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    Mafia General V2

    Mafia General MAFIA General This is Mafia General V2. With permission from WhoisWho I have been allowed to remake this. Here I will host many mafia games. Think of it like Pokemon Royal Rumble for mafia games. I have continued use of the previous table of contents and many other aspects from...
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    Fake Pokemon Cards!

    I was just at the flea market, and I saw packs of Platinum Cards for $1 each. I figured I should try to get one, even if they're old for a great price. So I bought 2 packs for $1.50 (haggling :D) and I opened one up and could immediately tell they were fake. They didn't feel right and what set...
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    Pokemon Berry Farm

    This will all be updated over the break. Welcome to, the new game... Pokemon Berry Farm Based on a game I played in World History... This is a game of survival and competition, with a lot of chance. You may enter this game at anytime. Cue Backstory: As a small...
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    This is the deck I've been running for a bit, preparing for battle roads, tell me what you think. Pokemon 4-3-3 Samurott (2 ability, 1 regular) :503: 3-2-1 Feraligatr P{rime ;160; 2-2 Simipour (EP Panpour, BW Simipour) :516: 1 Audino (EP) :531: T/S/S 2 Switch 3 Pkm Communication 2...
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    B/W White Water Deck, Please help me out.

    So I'm recently back into Pokemon TCG, and since all my previous cards are not currently legal I made improvements to the Samurott starter deck. Tell me what you think. Pokemon: 3 Oshawott 27 1 Oshawott BW8 2 Dewott 1 Samurott 1 Samurott Ability 3-2-2 Unfezant 3-2 Simipour 3 Patrat...