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    Final Fantasy Club

    Final Fantasy Club Joining includes +1 happiness for me and Lightning ;u; Hello people of Sppf and welcome to the Final Fantasy Club! Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix's most popular and beloved franchises. Each installment has awesome characters and amazing storylines. Currently, there are...
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    I need help

    I have a question were do you get a super rod in ruby version?
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    My First Fanfic!

    ~This involves pokeshipping,some advance shipping,& contestshipping~*Part one starts now* It was a lovely day in Slateport City were Ash was riding his motercycle then stopped,he found some tables and chairs and a sign that said "Slateport City Outdoor Fastfood Place" Ash:*sits on one of the...
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    Hi people at SPPF ,my name is Foxyvulpixie ,I have read the rules ,and I hope I have agreat time here.