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    Defining and vivid words.

    I need help with using more vivid and captivating words in my stories. Mostly I seem to need help with words that I know that I know, but I keep on forgetting, like obsolete. What I need you to help me with is find some words that one likes to see in interesting writing that are easy to...
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    Help needed on naming four Pokemon.

    Alright I need help in naming a lot of Pokemon. I have the backbone of my fan-fic done, but the names are being complete pains in the neck, so can you guys help? I need names for a Nidoking (Can be anything mostly, but a boy's name. Also needs to be European.), a Dodrio ( A girl's name, and make...
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    Should I make this RP?

    .:Red Moon:. Plot 8800C.E. A different World. Humans have learned how to build machines to open up the gate to another world, the world where legends exist. Legends such as dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, to name few, but there were many others, none of though none of them looked remotely...
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    Wayjun's shop of messed up Pokemon sprites

    I am a newbie at this but here I go: Forms: There are none! I will put some up if I have the time. Just don't request more than 5 Pokemon per splice, okay? Rules: 1. Follow all forum rules. 2. No flaming, spamming or excessive swearing. 3. Be polite and at max request 3...
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    Team for beating elite 4 with 16 badges in HG

    It would be very appreciated if you could rate my team. Typhlosion lv.78 quirky shell bell flamethrower eruption dig return Dragonite lv.55 quirky quick claw fire blast blizzard wing attack surf Zapdos lv.56 mild bright powder fly thunder drill peck rock smash...