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    Not entirely new, but not yet known

    Hello everyone. I'm Keiru. I signed up for the forums a while ago but just recently started actually posting. Just wanted to drop by here and say hi. ^ ^
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    Keiru's doodles ◉ ѵ ◉

    Hey gais I"m gonna post my pokemon doodles here okay? Critique is not necessary, but welcome. :3 I'll update this first post with new drawings as I make them. I like to draw gijinkas o wo , here's one I did today! Scraggy ♂
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    Your LEAST favorite shiny!

    Hey guys, I know this topic has been posted before, but its realllllyyy old, (Last post was like in 2010, yikes!) and I wanted some fresh opinions, so I hope no one minds if I make a new one! I was just wondering which shiny you guys absolutely can't stand? Were you disappointed when your...