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    Me again...

    I already went to ask for a team rate on the D/P boards, and I would like my Firered team rated! Blastoise Lv62 Pidgeot Lv40 Raichu Lv57 Butterfree Lv25 Beedrill Lv30 Lapras Lv26 I already beat the E4, mainly using Raichu, Blastoise and Lapras's Perish Song, now I'm trying to get the...
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    Rate my team please!

    OK, after I do a little training, I'm going up against the E4! Torterra Lv 60 Staraptor Lv 47 Crobat Lv 37 Luxray Lv 35 Bibarel Lv 32 (Am I the only one who doesn't use him as an HM slave?!) Rampardos Lv 31 As I said, I need to do a lot of training, but do you think I would be able to...
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    Um, hi?

    Uh, hello... I just joined and I would like to make some friends. Please? ShinyCrobat777