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    Serebii PS All Stars tournament! Use Supers to take the Win!

    Well like I said before in the Playstation Thread, I planned on holding a PS All Stars tournament before the new years end. FORMAT: 1. 1v1 with screenshot as proof of victory in the thread. 2. Matches between the 2 players will be in sets of 3. 3. Meaning 3 1v1 battle. 4. Keep a...
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    Genres you don't play anymore, as often or never played.

    Like the thread title suggest, here you can discuss the different genres you have played but have given up on. I'll start us off. Fighting games: I don't play many fighting games but as of this gen I have lost all interest. I play SSBB and stuff but those are more casual party games then...
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    Well for those of you that don't know. Toonami aired this Saturday night as part of Adult Swim's April Fool's day joke into Sunday. This thread is to discuss all the memories you have of Toonami and what watching all those shows reminded you of the good old days. BTW If someone finds a...
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    Saint Seiya Reboot!

    OMG! Saint Seiya is getting a reboot after being MIA (missing in anime) for quite some time. Excluding the Lost Canvas OVAs, Saint Seiya hasn't had a show in 25ish years so I'm very excited for the reboot. Talk all about your expectations and memories of the Saint Seiya anime here.
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    Anime complaints/rants thread

    Rage and rant and hate about the things that went wrong in anime series you have watched. MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!! DON'T FLAME A USER FOR THEIR OPINIONS!!! Disagree all you want but flaming is out of the question. (example: OMG how could you say that about OP/Ble/Naru/everything else...
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    Favorite Anime Opening and Endings.

    Like the title suggests talk about your favorite op and ed in all the animes you have watched. I'm surprised no one has made this thread yet lol. One of my most favorite openings ever. Sorry for the bad quality couldn't find a better one. I miss the days where dubs would have accurate...
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    The Playstation Thread

    Well I saw the Xbox thread and thought why not have a PS thread. Here you can discuss all about Sony's Playstation brand. If you see any awesome deals on PSN then make sure to share it with us and tell us if its for PSN+ only or not. Sony had a rough year in 2011 with the hack. But...
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    Winter 2011-2012 Anime

    Here is the list. Well as the link shows you guys, these are all the anime that are coming out this winter and into 2012. Share which anime you are looking forward to and stuff. Have fun guys.
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    Black Friday and what you plan on doing?

    Well Black Friday is about 2 weeks away. So do you guys plan on shopping in that crazy mess or you just gonna sleep off all the food you ate beforehand? I'm seriously considering to shop on that day yet I don't wanna get trampled by others. Not to mention it will be crowded as hell in certain...
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    Starcraft II Thread

    Well this is now the place for Starcraft 2 discussion along with the Starcraft series in general. State your League and rank if you desire and share tips with new players. Discuss the campaign or your favorite multiplayer games. Share tactics and talk about crazy matches you've had...
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    General Anime news

    This thread is for anime announcements made by anime publishers and companies. Like "Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha" getting a digital magazine. The news For those of you who don't know, Hunter X Hunter has a 2011 anime remake already started. Also Gundam Age has started airing since last week...
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    Epic moments in the anime series.

    This thread is for all the epic/cool moments in anime series we all watch. No funny moments please, make another thread for that. It can be battles, transformations, entrances by people and etc. Note! If people in the thread say the scene you chose isn't epic then you are obligated to...
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    DBZ games thread

    This thread is for all the DBZ games that came out and are coming out. From the old Budokai series that came out on the 6th gen consoles to the all new Ultimate Tenkaichi game coming out soon for PS3 and Xbox360. Have fun discussing guys.
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    Mobile Suit Gundam Thread

    Well its unbelievable that this thread has not been made yet. Anyways this is the place to discuss Gundam animes and movies. Talk about the new Gundam AGE series or reminisce about older Gundam series such as Gundam Wing, G Gundam or Gundam ZZ. Pit Gundams from different shows into...
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    How would you survive a Zombie apocalypse?

    Its been a bit boring here in the forums lately so I thought, why not make something fun to discuss. Like the title suggests, how would YOU try to survive a Zombie apocalypse? Remember about basic problems like infections or resources. Its your Zombie apocalypse, you decide how it goes...
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    What are you going to buy this year?

    Well October starts off the big hitters like Gears of War 3, Rage and Dark Souls. Batman: Arkham City coming out soon along with other AAA games So like the title suggests, what are your 1st priority buys for this packed holiday season as I'm sure a majority of us can't afford to buy every...
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    The PSN/Gamertag thread

    Hey guys this is the place to share your PSN ID and/or Xbox Gamertag to add people to your friends list. My PSN: Crimsonlink310 I would like it if you asked before adding me. So guys have fun making new friends and teammates/rivals.
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    Bankai The Super Official Bleach Anime Discussion Thread

    After looking around I noticed that there wasn't an official Bleach anime discussion thread. The closest was a filler discussion thread which simply will not suffice. So I decided to make this thread to discuss the latest anime episodes. Be warned that there will be spoilers in this discussion...
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    Young Justice (Cartoon)

    I'm sure some of you watch this series so I decided to make a thread about it. There have been 9 episodes on Cartoon Network and episode 10 was leaked out so if you are interested than you can go watch the episodes. Right now the series is in the midst of finishing season 1 although it seems...
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    Rosario + Vampire I&II

    Hey guys this is the Rosario+Vampire manga thread. Discuss all about R+V I and II. Here is a brief description of the manga. By a bizzare coincidence, Tsukune Aono has accidentally gotten himself admitted to a youkai acadamy, a school attended by monsters (youkai). Just when he thinks...