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    Subspace Generate Graphics

    Hello And welcome to SGG. :P I am Tini, and my partners Lucina, Wadder and I will be at your service today~ We don't major in art (might though) but we will try our best to make serebii look even more awesome with banners, and etc :3 And now onto the the good stuffesis! :D If you wish to...
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    Psychotic Revolution~ Tournaments

    Hello and Welcome to PR's Tourney thread! Rules Follow all Sppf Rules You must be a member of Psychotic Revolution to post here Please do not spam/troll/flame, etc. Current Tournament The current tournament is BW2 OU. It is Elimination tourney, once you lose one battle you will be...
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    Psychotic Revolution

    ~Psychotic Revolution~ Hundreds of years ago, parts of the world raged in wars. Different tribes fought one another for territory, for resources, different views, and much, much more...Until some suddenly stopped. No one knew why, until one event was witnessed by someone other than the ones...
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    What would you choose if you had a choice?

    What would you choose if you had a choice? The truth or an ideal? If you could, what would you choose? The truth? or an Ideal? What if you lived in a world of what you choose? what do you think would happen? For me, I would choose the truth most of the time. Even if were chose to ignore it, it...
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    hi! battle,anyone?

    :494: Hey everyone! im new here... and i wanted to say hi but if any one want to battle me heres my friend code: 2795 0241 5492 im also avalible for trading!;490;