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  1. Josef Stylin

    Sun + Boredom = This

    (OU) Sun + Boredom = This Welcome to the zoo, children. Over there is some kind of crappy/average player called Bullkid. He has decided to try wheather out and he is now posting a RMT at SPPf. Bad joking aside, I think you got the point. Me, with a Sun team. Go nuts and rate. At a Glance...
  2. Josef Stylin

    Alternate Creepypastas.

    Creepypasta. A term used for scary/horror stories and urban myths/legends that are regularly posted on the internet or sent in an email with the intention to scare the person that recieves the previously said email. Where did it originated from? I dunno, so let's look it up in Know Your Meme...
  3. Josef Stylin

    The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

    The Picture Thread We're a society primarily founded on text, but technological advances of the last few years have given us the ability to boldly expand into a brand new universe: that of images! If you want us to know what you look like, link some of your pics in this thread. There are a...
  4. Josef Stylin

    Spot the Reference!

    This is a game where you say a phrase from a video game, movie etc. And the next poster tries to guess where that phrase is from! I'll start! "You're not smart, you're not a scientist, you're not a doctor, you're not even a full time employee. Where did your life go so wrong?"
  5. Josef Stylin

    Lazy Police Forces?

    Hey, guys, Bullkid here. I decided to make a thread about how some police forces just stand there where are serious issues that they could be working on. Animal cruelty is an example. Because I was recently in that thread and I read cases about when the crime was committed at people's sight...
  6. Josef Stylin

    Guess the song!

    Hello there, boys, girls. I'm Bullkid1997 and I decided to make a game! Now, you're probably wondering "But Bullkid, how does this game work?" Well, I'm going to explain: A user posts lyrics of a song they know and the next poster says the song's name if they know it, but if they don't they...
  7. Josef Stylin

    Most Hated Video Game Character

    This thread is about the video game characters that make you wanna go to the video game world just to punch them in the FACE! My pick is Jasper Batt Jr. from No More Heroes 2. You first hear about him as the guy that ordered his goons to kill Travis' best friend. You don't see his face, you...
  8. Josef Stylin

    What was your first team in Pokemon?

    This thread is for people to say what was their first pokemon team. Mine was: Sceptile Swellow Graveler Hariyama Starmie Metagross What was YOUR team? Please feel free to answer.