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    UU team boyz

    What is up my dudes. This is a bit of a re-imagining of a team I used to run a lot (which had its ups and downs) but have found that this team, when played right, can be very devastating. The only mon that consistently wrecks my team is Reuniclus, usually because it has wish support behind it...
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    whats up turds

    havent been on this site in the longest time, i just came back today in a very desperate search for tech help. lol. I joined when i was like 11 and i recall being annoying af for the better part of 2 years and then i pretty much dropped this site.
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    Getting Xbox online in dorm room

    Alrighty, moved into my dorm room yesterday with my xbox thinking i could get it online through the schools wifi. When I try to connect, it says the security for it is different in nature and obviously I cant reconfigure it because it's school wifi. Could I purchase any sort of device that will...
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    UU Competitive Team

    Alright, so I have a team that wins about 50% of the team, and there are some things that I've encountered that almost always wreck me, but I don't know how to handle them. Any help would be appreciated. Ampharos (M) @ Ampharosite Ability: Static EVs: 132 HP / 252 SpA / 124 Spe Modest...
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    Are you still able to trade in cuurent gen games for next gen?

    I unexpectedly got an XBONE for Christmas (all I wanted was GTA V lol) and was wondering if I could trade in my old games for new gen versions. I know they did it last year but I don't know if they kept doing it or if it was a christmas thing only.
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    I don't know if anyone played the beta for this, but this game is sick as sh!t. I'm a huge Halo fan, so once I heard Bungie was making a new game I was immediately on board. But I was honestly not prepared for how incredible the game was, especially in the beta stage. I'll be playing this game...
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    Dueling Network and Clearing Caches

    IDK if anyone is familiar with the Dueling Network, but it's kind of like that smogon simulator but with yugioh. I hadn't played it in a long time, but decided to try it again the other day. But when I typed in the url, the login box would not display. II asked for help previously, and I was...
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    Regarding X360 Hard Drives

    I am planning to go out to buy a cheap 360 hard drive, but I don't know if there are any techical specifications I should be aware of. Specifically, I was wondering if certain hard drives only work for certain 360 consoles (elite, clim, etc). I don't know what kind of 360 I own, and I don't want...
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    Regarding BF4...

    I got Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360 the other day, and when I started it up, it asked me to download an update. However, I apparently can't download the update and play the game because I don't have a hard drive. Is there not a hard drive built in to the 360?
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    Reusable events?

    This seemed like an appropriate place to ask this question. I wanted to playthrough my White versioon again but before I started I need to know If I can reuse my event suicune and celebi for obtaining Zorua and Zoroark if I trade them to another game and then back. Thanks in advance.
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    Halo CEA

    Looks like it's a remake of a - *sunglasses* remake. YEEEAAAHHH! Yep, an overhaul of the game that took the gaming world by storm. Not only does it have advanced graphics, but with the press of a buttong you can play with the old graphics. Everything uses the old game engine, except for...
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    Ghost Recon Online Help

    Mmkay, I applied for the beta for Ghost Recon Online. A few days later it said I was in the Beta queue, so I went to check my E-mails. When I got their, I couldn't find the e-mail with the activation code. I posted a thread on the ubisoft forums asking for help, but I had no luck. Help would be...
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    Recieving Updates From Pokedex 3D

    I dowloaded Pokedex 3D yesterday, and I checked Serebii 'cause I wanted some more information on it. Well, it said everyday I would get 3 random Pokemon. 1. Is everyday after 24 hours? Or is it 12:00 AM? 2. Is there anything I have to do to be able to recieve them?
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    Subway Storm

    Yup. Imma try the Super Singles at the subway, but before I do that I need a decent team. I'm also gonna try my hands at EV's, so feel free to give suggestions on those. Egg moves are alright, but no Dream World abilities. Quiet is the best I could get on Thundurus. @Muscle Band / Life Orb...
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    Background Help

    I got one of those tiny laptops for Christmas, netbooks, I believe they're called? Well, it won't let me change the background picture. I was wondering how I could fix this. Thanks in advance!
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    Rate my White team!

    I prefer that none of the pokemon are changed, but if has to be done I'll do it. Ice weak, I know. Another problem I have is that pretty much all my team has more physical moves than other kinds of moves. I apologize as I was fairly lazy with this one too. I didn't bother with EV's either, but...
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    Clean or Kill?

    (Excuse myself if there is a thread like this already) http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/06/07/4475943-clean-the-birds-or-kill-them So, these birds were major victims in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A German scientist thinks it would be better to just kill the birds...
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    Just a Team

    @Muscle Band/Leftovers ~252 Att./252 Spe./4 HP~ ~Adamant~ ~Rock Head~ -Aqua Tail -Head Smash -Aerial Ace/Rock Polish -Earthquake I was thinking about maybe making him Brave with Muscle Band. @Leftovers ~252 HP/252 Spec. Att./4 Spec. Def.~ ~Calm~ ~White Smoke~ -Flamethrower/ PP...
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    *Insert Lame Reptile Pun Here*

    The title explains it all... This is In-Game, btw. Adamant w/ Muscle Band Leaf Blade Dragon Claw Earthquake Swords Dance Came up with this off the top of my head. Not so sure about it for some reason. Bold w/ Leftovers Flamethrower Iron Defense Amnesia Smoke...
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    Holy Crap! 5th Gen Pokemon Is Here!!!

    I was on Serebii, and I refreshed the page, and I saw a new update... which showed the sillouette of a 5th Gen Pokemon! So far, my thoughts are that it is a final evo Pokemon, and it is of the dual Dark-Fire type. What are your opinions? (This is gonna get closed, but yeah. :P)