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    Chaos Theory Tournaments

    Welcome to Chaos Theory's Tournament thread, remember to have fun. ~~~Previous tournaments~~~ ~~~Current Tournament~~~ N/A ~~~Rules~~~ ~~~Participants~~~ - - - ~~~Matchups/Bracket~~~ N/A ~~~Current Tournament Deadline~~~ N/A ~~~Prize/Rewards~~~ N/A ~~~Credits~~~
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    The Did you know? Thread

    SO this thread is to post things that you find pretty interesting in the internet or other medias. Like did you know more than half of the registered users on Facebook lie about their age so they can get an account? It might be obvios but...
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    The Move and ability

    So i was thinking about Frost breath(100% critical)+Sniper(powers up criticals) would do awsome and then i thought i should start a thread about pokemon Moves that paired with certain abilities would make something awsome. so post here what moves with certain abilities would be awsome or...
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    I love him/her but...

    The tittle might confuse a little about what this is but, this thread is for you to post about those moments of when you love someone but somethings doesn't let you or is contradictory. Example: I am in love with this girl from school but my friend is in love with her too.
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    Your cute pokemon

    So i know there might be a thread out there but very old about this. Well, i wanted to know what your opinion is about the cutest pokemons. As myself i really find shaymin cute and adorable. i mean he is small fluffy green cute eyes and his attacks saves the enviorement. Now to listen to your...
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    NON-wheater team

    Deoxys-S @ Focus Sash Ability:Pressure EVs:255 atk/ 255 speed Nature: Adamant(-sp attack/+attack) - Stealth Rock - Spikes - Drain Punch - Thunder Wave use of thunder wave first to make common leads useless, then sets up stealth rock and spikes, after this is done if the enemie changes...