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    Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming Thread

    Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming Thread 2.0 Hi, and welcome to the Couple/Crossover/Poly Claiming thread! Vycksta has entrusted the new thread to me, so I’ll so my best to take care of it! In this thread, you can claim any couple, crossover pairing, or poly-shipping you wish, as long as it’s not...
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    General Unova Shipping Discussion

    I hope this is all right mods; there have been general region shipping threads in the past that have worked out fine. This thread is to discuss all those little Unova-based shippings you like or are interested in, but fear that they're aren't enough supporters to create a lasting thread. Gym...
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    Coldcoffeeshipping General Discussion

    ~Welcome to the Coldcoffeeshipping Thread!~ What is Coldcoffeeshipping, you ask? It is the belief that Paul (Jp. name Shinji) and Barry (Jp. name Jun) should be a couple! It's name stems from the fact that Paul can be a very coldhearted person, while Jun is extremely hyperactive, like he...
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    Coffee Shop Romance (AU, Obscure Multishipping, PG)

    Originally posted here, under the title Of Coffee and Romance. The main pairings are pretty obscure, being Coldcoffee (Damion/BarryxPaul), IronWill (RileyxDawn), and OppositesAttract (BuckxMarley). But there will also be side pairings of EliteUnder (LucianxAaron), friendshippy(?) Ignition...
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    Captive Emotions (Clingyshipping, PG-13-R)

    Well hello there! This fic is a request from Eka that I decided to take up. So credit for the plot and such goes to them. I don't really own much else either, including Pokemon. /disclaimer/ The reason it's rated as such is because of violence, alcohol use, language, and sexual...
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    Only for Her (AU Contestshipping, PG-13)

    Here I am, playing another game of fic-transfer! I originally posted it here, but am hoping to get some more feedback here that isn't just "Please say May and Drew get together and not May and Ash!", etc. On that note, there is Advanceshipping, but its ultimately Contestshipping. There are...
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    Everything Will Belong To Us (Multi TG pairings PG-13)

    Because I have decided it is my duty to spread the love of Team Galactic, I wrote this, a collection of one-shots all revolving around TG. It was originally posted here and not all the one-shots will make it here, solely because not all of them are shippy. Some one-shots are connected in...