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    Battle Arena

    I don't know if this has been posted in another forum, but has anyone played Poke'mon battle arena yet? It's great, but the site is underconstruction. The site is:- http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net
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    Ash or Paul

    Well everyone is going about how Ash will beat Paul in the Sinnoh League, but what if Paul comes out the victor. Think of it will be reasonable if Paul beats Ash, he would be a rival of another Genaration (or Battle Frontier) and Ash could beat him there(somewhat how Drew beat May in the Hoenn...
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    Ash's most powerful team

    Ok now we all know that Ash has caught a number of poke'mon during the various seasons.Now taking all of his poke'mon into account in training,with Oak and his current sinnoh team,this is what I think his most powerful team would be like. Note-His Tauros is counted as 1. Note-His sinnoh team...