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    SPPF's Winter-Pokémon Poké Dex. (Approved by Dragonfree)

    SPPF's Winter-Pokémon Poké Dex. (Approved by Dragonfree) This has been approved by: Dragonfree This is a Pokedex on Winter recolors of pokemon (like the Winter ;037; & ;038; ). ~Credit to: MystkFyre on dA Yes, these are adoptable (once their evo's have been done) There is another way to...
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    LV's Fake Cards...plz rate them.

    Before you ask, I always get permission by the artist on dA to use their art works. .::Normal Size::. .::Jumbo Cards::. .::Incomplete Cards::. .::Special Cards::.
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    Pokémon Pixel Over Dex...V2

    Pokémon Pixel Over Dex...V2~Approved by Dragonfree .::The New SPPF's Pixel over PokéDex::. Since blackness777 hasn't updated the first one for agaes, I've remade it. .::The New SPPF's Pixel over PokéDex::. Since blackness777 hasn't updated the first one for agaes, I've remade it...
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    .::LV's Banner Gallery~Banners & Wallpapers that I've made are on showcase here!::.

    Since my other thread is lost in the mountain of other threads, I decided to make a new one. This is where you'll find all of my banners that I've made so far to date....rangeing from contests to requests & so on. I use GIMP....so if you also have GIMP & willing to take on someone who wants...
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    The Eeveelutions Fan Club v.9

    In this club/team we discuss the Eeveelutions & how people use them in eaither the TCG or the GB/A/DS/GC/Wii games. Credit to: ~.:Northern Lights:.~ for the Eeveelution Badges (U may use them, unless your banned from their shop). .:Now for the Rules:. 1: Standard SPPF rule's apply...
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    .::LV's Pixel Overs::. (Plz rate).

    Here you'll find all of my Pixel Overs I've done. Any that have a star (*) are older ones. One's that I've done: I also have a DeviantArt account~more can be seen on there.
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    Ninetales Pixel Over (WIP)

    Requested by: Twilightvixen. Here's one of my pixel overs which is progress....oh & please excuse the light blue on the tails...I'll be changeing them to the correct one's once it's done. Orignal: Pixel Over: Updated Pixel Over:
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    HGSS: Return to Johto (Looking for people to help w/spoilers)

    I'll be inserting a short story here. Any cards that have this next to it is reserved: .::Holo's::. 1: Light Ampharos 2: Dark Armaldo 3: Light Beautifly 4: Dark Blaziken 5: Dark Swampert 6: Dark Sceptile 7: Light Rayquaza 8: Light Kyogre 9: Light Groudon 10: Spikey-Eard Pichu...
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    .::The Forbidden One::.

    .::Rate my Exoida Deck::. .::Monsters::. 1x Exoida's Head/Exoida the Forbidden One 1x Right Arm of the Forbidden One 1x Left Arm of the Forbidden One 1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One 1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One 1x Exoida Necross 1x Kuriboh 1x Winged Kuriboh 1x Neo-Spacian Air...
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    .::Rate my Banners::.

    .::Rate my Banners please::. Here you can find my current Banners that range from Contests to Requests & other stuff. Credit to: Xous' on Pokebeach for the nice Pokemon Art works .::Contest Stuff::. ~Current ~This was for the WBC 3 weeks ago...but there was only 3 members who enterd it...
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    .::Rate my Dark Paladin Deck::. (which needs minor-major help)

    .::Rate my Triple Treet Deck::. Monsters: 25 2x The White Stone of Legend/Tuner 3x Troop Dragon 1x Magna Drago/Tuner 1x Mashmallon 1x Kaibaman 3x King of the Swamp 3x Masked Dragon 1x Spear Dragon 2x Skilled White Magician 2x Skilled Dark Magician 1x Breaker the Magical Warrior 2x...
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    The Eeveelutions Workshop v3.

    The Eeveelutions Workshop v3~Please read the 1st post. PLZ DON'T SPAM! If you do, & I see it~u'll be reported within 2-24hrs of me seeing it! My shop is currently:[/size] CLOSED!! (as all slots are full) 5 slots only! When making a request please say this phrase 1st: G'day LV, this...
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    .::Rate my Dark Flames Deck::.

    ;006;;344;;480;;491;;006;;344;;480;;491;;006;;344;;480;;491;;006;;344;;480;;491;;006;;344;;480;;491;;006;;344;;480;;491; Here's the deck: .::PKMN~24::. 2x Baltoy (GE) 2x Claydol (GE) 2x Darkrai (#3 GE) 1x Darkrai Lv.X (Tin/Promo) 1x Uxie (LA) 3x Sneasel (LA) 3x Weavile (SW) 4x...
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    Fake Card Blanks

    .::Card Blanks for makeing Fake Cards::. I didn't make these....nor am I claiming them as my own. [/spoiler]
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    Rate my Black Flames Deck

    Pokémon 24: 4x Charmander (SW) 3x Charmeleon (SW) 3x Charizard (2x Base (or SF) 1x SW) 2x Baltoy (Proxy~Worlds Deck/GE) 2x Claydol (Proxy~Worlds Deck/GE) 3x Sneasel (LA) 3x Weavile (1x DP1, 2x SW) 1x Uxie (LA) 2x Darkrai (2x GE, 1x#3-1x#4) 1x Darkrai Lv.X Trainers: 1x PlusPower...
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    LV's Sprite Dumpage...plz rate.

    .::Light Venusaur's Sprite Gallery::. In this thread you'll find what I've done. Fusions Pixel Overs Recolors Contest Entries Other: Genka You may use ANYTHING in this thread as long as you give the Credit to me.
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    Some banners to be rated.

    Here's some banners that I've made for people, contests or out of sheer bordem. These are free to use...as long as you give me credit. Requests: -credit to Xous (of Pokebeach Forums) for the taller Vaporeon. Contests: -Current Contest Banner (1 of 2) -Current Contest...
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    Rate my Pixel Overs.

    You may use these for sigs. All I ask is to be given credit. Ken Sugimori art. Holiday Skymin Skymin: Vulpix: Magmar: Latios: Gizamimi (NE) Pichu & Shiny (Pikachu-Color) Pichu: Requested by: pokefan#493. Anime: Rapidash: Origin-Tina: Origin-Tina...
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    A new fake set from LV.

    Name: None of yet. Box Topper: Notched-Ear Pichu/Pichu Female Pre-Release Card: Vulpix Holo's 1: Mew 2: Mewtwo 3: Articuno 4: Moltres 5: Zapdos 6: Lugia 7: Entai 8: Suicune 9: Celebi 10: Jirachi 11: Deoxys 12: Latias 13: Latios 14: Manaphy 15: Lucario 16: Darkrai 17...
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    LV's Favorite Pokemon.

    1st, I can't draw for peanuts. So, I just grabbed pictures from around the net (mainly from Pearl Mode). Credits: Pearl Mode for: Beautifly, Umbreon, Lati@s, Jolteon, Riolu, Flareon, Dragonite, Camerupt, Eevee, Venusaur, Espeon, T-Tar & Vaporeon. Blue Ace: For the redo of Leafia/Leafeon &...